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lets play with explosion !

Destruction is so deadly but can also be satisfying at times when your frustrated in life, Red faction is the type of game that made me wish the first battlefield bad company was with everything being destroying even the walls. It also kind of reminded me of mercenaries at times drive around hostile area, reload up on new gears and weapons and the group that your friends with is like your safe house area.  Red Faction follows the same path of a open world game with situation that you can approach from any direction with, you can either drive there crash your truck or car into the building keep doing it until it falls down or you can go on foot go out gun blazing manic throw mining mines on the building just enough for the whole thing to stumble down.

salvage is replacement of money in the game, you collected them while after destroying a buildings, cars,pipes or even the supply pod throughout the map. These salvages metal items play an important part in the game it gives you uncrackable weapons, armor and tons of other stuff.

Red faction is about Alec mason arriving to mars to see his brother and work for a living, after little while your brother gets killed by the EDF( Earth Defensive force), that's where the story starts to  move into a fast past action type rytem. after your brother gets killed you start to get pulled into the red faction rebellion to over thrown the EDF strangle hold on the people of mars. The single campaign story isnt a block buster hit but it does explain why you join the red faction in the first place, even though you felt nothing after his brother got whack by the EDF.

The mission throughout the game is contently repeated so it can get boring at times.  Mission usually involves different types of styles that you can choose weather or not to do them but you will need to do enough  of these mission in order to progress through the story line. These mission are usually are destroying target, transportation ,raid EDF bases, Defend areas from EDF, follow the messager and then kill him,  freeing hostages members of the faction from EDF, and destroying a convoy on a map.

Basically Red Faction campaigns is split into 6 different section that need to be liberated from the EDF. Each section has a meter that indicted the control and the moral.  The control  meter is always full and need to be empty to unlock the main story mission, in order to that you need to do the side mission which will give you a certain number to lower it. The moral meters starts off empty and you have to fill it up, you can do this by destroying advertisement boards or side missions. Moral works as it gives you support from the faction when stuck in a gun fight with EDF and it gives you extra ammo in the ammo creates that are spread throughout the map.

Mulitiplayer i haven't had a chance to get online to try it out so i cant really give my own opinion on it. But i heard that its very awesome and addicted so maybe when i have some free time ill give it try.

Red faction fits all the elements that gamers desired of a destructible environment, with its ''OK'' story line it tend draw people away from it. But it also makes up for its online play matches. If you like mercenaries and battlefield bad company you will also like this game!


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