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The Almighty Sledge!

Red Faction Review 1.0

Although the plot is a little basic at some points, the near hitchless piece-by-piece destruction, the grand scale, and quality graphics, sound, voice acting and cut scenes give the game a really pleasant feel.
This game beats its contemporaries in destruction in pretty much every regard. And while the destruction is peerless, the setting itself, Mars, is not quite as satisfying as, say, GTA4's Liberty City. The People you meet aren't particularily interesting, but they are look and sound good. Buildings, and vehicles are also quite detailed. Glass shatters and steel warps in a believable fashion, making destroying both very interesting. Fire and explosions are satisfying.
The underlying gameplay systems help, too. The EDF use a GTA derived wanted system, but you lose them when you're near a Red Faction safehouse. Their AI is pretty good, for an open world game, but aren't quite as interesting as the enemies from Killzone 2 or FEAR. They'll fall into patterns though, either protecting their convoys and buildings, blockading the road, or chasing you. They will however, try very hard not to be exploded, whether they have to jump out of the way, or brush an explosive off of their face.
The weapons are amusing, if not alone, then in their variety. There is a rocket launcher, two shotguns an assault rifle, a homing carbine, a sniper, a guass rifle, a nuke, an x-ray gun, black hole bombs, and a nanomachine projectile gun. These complement the multiplayer exclusive backpacks that lend you superpowers, like the tremor pack that literally brings down the house.
Sci-fi fans will also love mars, where clothes and cars are quite astronaut-like, enemies will have you recalling shows and movies like Firefly and Star Wars, and Miscellany might get you hooked Red Faction forums and wikis.
What's not to like?

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