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Cliche' story, average graphics, good gameplay mechanics.

I'll skip the plot because it's your run of the mill rebels vs. an overbearing government, in steps a hero who is reluctant to play the role but eventually does.

How it plays is where the game gets most of its high marks...every structure on the planet is "fully destructable", in other words it's not scripted every part falls of a building or bridge or tower like a jenga puzzle. I've never been so addicted to one aspect of a game, not that everything else is horrible in any way, just not as fun as total destruction.

The story kind of plays out like gta san andreas as there are different section on the map that you try to get your "gang" control of. Once you wipe out all the "EDF" Earth defense force (the other gang) you'll get a mission objective to liberate that section of the map.

Missions are your basic (Attack, Defend and Escort), they can get real repetitive. Especially the escort where you transport a vehicle to your hideouts. I mean driving is not fun at all in this game having to drive all the way to the otherside of the map when there is a hideout 100yards away is ridiculous. And in other mission where you'll have to drive to a point, come back, pickup up some lame ass npc, drop them off...it get boring and repetitive especially when I can do this all myself.

Multiplayer is fun, you get all the different packs (besides your basic jet pack) that have special abilities such as: Rhino, Jetpack, Heal, Firepower, Stealth and a bunch of others. I find that the objective games are far more entertaining because it involves destruction of building, which is always fun. But if you were to pit it against shooters like Killzone 2 and COD series it doesn't stack up.

Overall enjoyed it, I'm actually kind of glad that the story wasn't too too long because I was getting tired of repeating missions. I'd say rent it before buy.

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