spacedandie's Red Faction: Guerrilla (PlayStation 3) review

A refreshing but short lived take on the Red Faction franchise

I've been a fan of Red Faction ever since I blasted my first tunnel into a wall in the first game. Whenever I think of innovation in destructible environments, I think of Red Faction. Guerrilla really raises the bar again making the franchise the leader of massive destruction. With all this destruction there comes a cost, however. The game's story and characters are forgettable and Mars is not an attractive enviornment although they did keep it a tad fresh with the slight differences in the zones of the game. But in a game where you can destroy everything these things are pretty trivial. I enjoyed this game a lot but I was left wanting more. After a couple weeks of play, I found myself mindlessly walking around just hitting random walls for no reason at all. The magic of the destruction kind of left me and I just really was not interested anymore. Ultimately, I would say you should rent this game for a week or two then see how you still feel about it. The destruction is awesome but it just wasn't enough to keep me going.


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