THQ Steam sale day 1 - All Red Faction games 75% off

#1 Posted by Tordah (2554 posts) -

 Offer is only available today (monday). 
Red Faction 1 - 1,24€
Red Faction 2 - 1,24€
Red Faction: Guerilla - 4,99€
I can't wait to see the sales for the rest of the week!

#2 Posted by Daveyo520 (7330 posts) -

Hot damn. I wish I had some money for this week :( Well I already own Guerrilla but 1 and 2 would be nice to have. Mostly 1.

#3 Posted by owl_of_minerva (1485 posts) -

I played a lot of RF1 multiplayer, good game. Not so great a campaign though.

#4 Edited by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

I already have red faction guerilla and I heard it stutters like non stop with a dual core. Thought I should let ppl know, however the game turned out better than I expected. I own the first red faction on the ps2, I never played the second game and I never finished the first one.  
Then again the graphics are aweful, not sure if I can stand the game anymore because of it.

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