Gametrailers: Kills and Combos

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Finally something (slightly) new in terms of combat, weapons and locations.

  I guess this game really is just a string of battles. Bummer. At least these looks fun. "Stab!" as a finisher seems kinda overused.
Another one in a different location here.
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New edit:

Woah, watch this preview's videos instead, they're off screen, but 60fps streams!

It really makes a huge difference visually, it's such a shame the "standard" this generation has reverted back to 30 fps, it's weird the Wii gets seemingly more 60 fps titles than the HD systems do. I'm hoping the new Zelda is 60fps as well (Galaxy was 60, Prime was 60, but Twilight Princess was 30).

Original: looking good. Can't say it's certain there's just killing yet (though it's likely), they have tricks up their sleeves they haven't spoken about much, like the mission structure shown in the leaked first ten minutes. And if someone was showing me Metroid Prime 3 or even Borderlands gameplay that would also seem to be nothing more than going through areas killing stuff. Oh well, at least they seem to have good enemy variety, seemingly fun to fight.
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Wow thats actually really cool. That eagle combo thing looks really sweet! High hopes, high hopes.
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Did you notice that the last Eagle he performed was delayed and the enemy went from standing still to floating in the air with almost no transition animtion.  The dev could be heard "Euuuh.." Then he just killed the dude as if nothing was wrong. LOL
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That's what I was thinking too, the bug was really obvious, I can very well imagine that was the reason Ubi had it taken down.

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New images from some French article.

Weapon and skill upgrades are always good :-)
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This is what I've been looking for. Thank you. 
Game looks good. Even more gesture-based than I thought it would be. I like that, but there will be reviews that will complain.

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G4, Kotaku and IGN also have previews, but nothing compared to GamerSyde's above. And their videos aren't 60 fps :-P
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  G4 wrote:

"My simple conclusion: Red Steel 2 is crazy, whacked-out adrenalin-fueled fun. If the full game holds up to the sizable section I tried, this will be a must-play for Wii owners who want to play a “real” game."

 Wow, what a douche.
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Indeed. Btw, nevermind that joystiq article bashing the game, it's actually from last year, and for some weird reason posted only today. I guess to have something RS2 related when everyone else does as well. Or maybe to show the difference from the new one they're cooking up (if they are). Well anyway, I'm skeptical about the game's final quality myself but I wouldn't judge level variety from a press demo or make clearly false claims like how "all" enemies are invulnerable to gunfire (videos clearly show otherwise for many enemy types) or can only be hurt from behind (uh no, that's only for the big guys so far) etc.

Eurogamer preview as well. With all the positive impressions, it's good to see not only IGN is hyping this game ;)

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This you told me this was a X-Box 360 game I'd believe you.
Damn, great visuals. Damn damn damn.

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Well there seems to have been made some surprising progress in terms of using the Wii hardware in the last six months, and Red Steel 2 has very, very low-res textures, mostly small areas, few effects and what would seem like a max of 4-5 characters on screen. 
Combine that with an art-style-above all approach, a solid lighting engine, lots of development time and a fixed 60fps framerate and you have yourself a good-looking Wii game.

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After watching that video, something doesn't seem right about it.  Regardless, I preordered it anyways.

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DO want

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Showing off everything there is to see and do in this game, so there won't be any surprises left when anyone gets to play the actual game. We call that the "Black&White-Effect".

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I just found out that the voice of Payne is... Jason Vandenberghe!    
Not that that excuses bad voice work... but it sure makes it a little more enjoyable.
Also, there are rumors of people close to the industry that Ubisoft will do no or very little advertising for this game.

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 All I could think of was "those are the press? those are the dudes people on teh internets often trust?" and stuff.
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So Red Steel 2 has hit the interwebs. 10 days before release. Ouch.

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