Motion Plus required to play Red Steel 2

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If we are to believe Nintendo Power Red Steel 2 is build from the ground up around Motion + and will not even let you play if not plugged in. This is pretty awesome news since it means that the potential use of Motion + will not be watered down so that players without it will still be able to play the game. 

However it does add the price of Motion + to the game in order to play it but it is only around 15 dollar and there are already a fair number of games announced that will us it.

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Great news.

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Meowayne said:
"Great news."
Great news indeed.  All games should go the same way if it is appropriate for maximum game play.
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while its sad that we'll have to pay more money, I will gladly pay that if it turns out that 
A) this game is good 
B) more games are like this 
havent had a good quality wii game in a while besides prime3 and RE4

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@Archleone said:
" havent had a good quality wii game in a while besides prime3 and RE4 "
Why not? There are plenty available.

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