Red Steel 2 - Bad Day Trailer

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 Ubisoft have released this new trailer...

#2 Posted by angelkanarias (1523 posts) -

looks damn good for a wii game

#3 Posted by Linkyshinks (11407 posts) -

They're trying to make up for the terrible first game. 
You should see the first games "death hand" bug, lol. I think the Paris team working on that original were taking trips to the Moroccan district at lunch times. They worked on this also.and I've seen video footage of the lead designer. He looks like a Wizard. It would not surprise me in the slightest if he was getting them high for creative purposes on high potency Moroccan pox.

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Quite liking the look of this, I might break the Wii out after all this time to play this.
Quick question, do you need M+ for this and does it come bundled with it?
Not sure if I wanna pay the extra £10 just for this.
Also, what is the "death hand" bug?

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This game looks so great. Can not wait until March, so much stuff I want >< 
I am quite curious as to how this game will sell, I get the feeling a lot of people will be turned off by the name despite it looking absolutely nothing like the original game.

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Ubisoft sure knows how to get people hyped for trash.

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@Ineedaname said:
", do you need M+ for this and does it come bundled with it?"
Yes and yes. The Red Steel 2 + MotionPlus bundle is $56 on
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@Meowayne said:
" @Ineedaname said:
", do you need M+ for this and does it come bundled with it?"
Yes and yes. The Red Steel 2 + MotionPlus bundle is $56 on "
Wow I just noticed that, need to order it now. Essentially $6 for the motion+ is a steal.
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That trailer is cut-scenes only, and recently, in some French interview, they said those aren't using the game engine but are pre rendered, which is pretty stupid if you ask me, as their quality is nothing to write home about knowing it's not real time, they wouldn't take much of a hit visually if done with the in game graphics instead, and that would show off the actual engine better if it was all done without interruptions. Same for the QTE sequences. Pre rendered clips are so 90s. The more I saw of the game, the less interested I became. It started promising, but they seemed to settle down instead of get more ambitious over time.
That said, the leaked first 10 minutes looked alright. It's not the best quality stream, but for a tutorial area it looks ok, and definitely improved and added upon from the old videos we had seen over and over again in the media. These first 10 minutes gave me some hope again. If the rest of the game has a little more open level design and the missions' structure (which wasn't even spoken of before, that's either cool or worrying) offers interesting setups, it's good enough.

Ubisoft also don't seem nearly as confident in the game as in the beginning, maybe it didn't turn out good. I also don't like the slashing effect they added in place of blood, they could have done something better. Similarly for the dust cloud enemies blow up into, like a T rated version of No More Heroes' blood explosions. But that's minor. The gameplay's core seems solid enough, but what really matters is if they have good game design on top of that, with good, aesthetically pleasing and fun to explore levels, and of course fun enemies to fight, and especially bosses beyond the two we have seen. It may be too tall an order for that studio (or for Ubisoft to provide such resources for a Wii game), as fun as that epic beard guy looks to be to work with.

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