Red Steel 2 E3 Trailer & IGN Blowout

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IGN article here.

E3 Trailer:
I hate these actor infested trailers so... this awesome walkthrough instead:
Frack yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Ubizoft redeemed?

Edit: I actually posted these before viewing it fully for myself... Here's my new reaction:
Oh my Goood Ubisoft puts actual effort in a Wii game, it's official, hell must be the coldest place now! Notion plus bundle, day one purchase.
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lol mistook this for Broken Steel !

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I want a locked cross hair instead of one that moves around I do hope they include that option.

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The demo at Ubisoft's press conference was pretty impressive. Looks like Ubisoft Paris has learned a lot since the first one

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To be honest i really do not like the new direction the game has taken, as for motion plus it may move with your direction but when you slash its still the same preset left right up or down slash

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This game looks like it will be everything i wanted it to be and even more. I'm really looking forward to play this now, the one stage demo cleared my only doubt about the controls not being responsive and this shows how great the action is and reveal a interesting combo system. I will absolutely play this game on hard, this looks like fun.

It is quite amusing that the speech given during the E3 live presentation was exactly the same as the commentary on this video but with a creepier tone.

@Ineedaname said:
" I want a locked cross hair instead of one that moves around I do hope they include that option. "
Its the same system as Metroid Prime 3, having lock on and remaining able to aim will allow you to do head shots.

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It pains me to say it but... this game... for a Wii game... actually... looks... kinda .... good.

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I put the version with commentary in the embed now, it has some interesting details. Read the IGN article too, they talk of how in the E3 demo their control settings are like Metroid Prime 3's but after seeing The Conduit they're implementing that sort of customisability because they think it sets a new standard. Good stuff all around, especially for a tutorial level...

@Endo, I think he means he wants the crosshair to remain in the center like a PC FPS. I guess he hasn't played many Wii titles to know it's just as good like this (and the only way suitable for the Wii really). Heck, even on PC some games like Operation Flashpoint do it like this if I remember that right (I don't know about its sequels though, Armed Assault 1 & 2). Anyway, once again, they're adding customisation like The Conduit's so you can adjust that, though I don't know if it can be completely eliminated.

As for the slashes, I'm sure they recognise diagonals as well, there's no reason not to.

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I hate a moving crosshair, here and in Metroid. Other than that, it looks decent; although where's the blood? A sword-play game should have blood.

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@Al3xand3r said:
" "
Imagine if they made a 2 player dual mode.
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Umm too hard to tell with the limited demo about how good the game is.  I need to the feel how the game is in person.  There better be more "special" moves then that stupid aerial fling upward.  Could get pretty monotonous.

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@Endogene: Maybe for Red Steel 3 :P

Man, those sword/gun combos are simple but awesome... I hope the other weapons do different combos too!

Capcom needs to bring a first person devil may cry spin off to the Wii or something. Until then, this will suffice.
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Wow...that actually looks incredible. Props to Ubi for finally doing a good Wii game.

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Indeed. Note it will look much nicer when playing it as it runs @ silky smooth 60 fps according to Ubisoft & IGN, while these flash videos don't...

Raving Rabbids looks pretty cool too, and uses the same engine. There's hope even for the worst offenders I guess.

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After I played the first one, i'm kinda skeptical about this game getting a sequel, but hey it could pull a Killzone.

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It looks awesome, love the art style. If the gameplay delivers I will likely get this.

A notable improvement over the original.

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Even the intro is done in real time. I thought it was CG done in the style of the game's visuals to fit in, with the cursor overlayed, but you actually have a liiittle bit of control over your view/movement there so it's real time also. It's visible by watching the different videos (commentary or no commentary). What an awesome engine, they should licence it out if it's proprietary.

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In the no-commentary version of the walkthrough video, when the guy reaches those board targets after getting the sword and slashing the first bamboos, you can see him play around with the sword a little without attacking, just showing the sword's motion.

And in the commentary version you can see him slice those targets horizontally, vertically, but also diagonally so it definitelly recognises more than up, down, left and right slashes as some people say.

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Ubisoft developed PoP: Two Thrones, Shaun White Snowboarding and RRR:TVP, all of which were very positively received. On top of that, they became publisher for lots of good stuff, like Tenchu and Anno among others.
So stop with this "Ubi redeemed" and "finally something good from ubisoft" crap. : /

It's bad enough that after the conference today, whatever that may look like, everyone will suddenly forget what happened in the last few weeks.

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I had a paragraph on why I won't stop with the "Ubi redeemed" shit here but I deleted it so people can focus on the game here. Suffice to say, I disagree with you on many levels and won't stop that. We can agree to disagree.
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Sorry, no pixel shaders = no interest = no buy. Duh. Also, no footage @ the conference means I cannot have this game on my radar.

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Prehaps cell shading or whatever this is, is the way to go on wii

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It's the way to go regardless of system as Borderlands proves :P

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Ubisoft has revealed a close bond with Metroid Developer Retro Studios to get an insight into how to get FP Wii controls right.

One of the major issues players found with Red Steel wasn't the game itself, but more so how it was played - choppy movement, tricky pointing and some random issues at time.

We worked very closely with the guys over at Retro Studios, and the producer of Metroid Prime came to work with us and gave us a lot of insight into how they handled things.

- Red Steel 2 creative director Jason Vandenberghe
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Ubisoft have released this character video


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Jason Vandenberghe is adorable.

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