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All hype

Red Steel was the game i was most looking forward to for the Wii. It seemed to have all i wanted, first person shooter action and swordplay. This all looks good on paper, but isn't done very well in the game. You begin the story as bodyguard named Scott who is going to marry a yakuza boss' daughter. She gets kidnapped and you go out on your quest to find her. During this quest you will encounter people who will shoot at you and challenge you to duels. I understand the Japanese "honor" going on with the duels, but i honestly think i would just shoot some of those guys and hurry and save the girl. The gunplay sounds great, with bullets always flying and reloading seems to come to life with the wii remote speaker. Graphics are not on par with those of this generation, but are easily looked over. Musical score doesn't really help those intense moments in the game, some actually tone it down. Unless you have never heard of online play, you won't be impressed with the multiplayer. After a few hours of mindless gunplay, you'll be ready for something else.


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    At best Red Steel is a rental, if only for curiosity's sake. 0

    The protagonist's hand tilts just as you tilt your hand in real space, holding your pistol with dat gangsta grip. Where you wave, your gun aims. You pull the B-button "trigger" on the Wii remote and gunfire erupts on-screen. It all seems so intuitive and natural. But then you try turn to defend yourself against someone coming from your left, and it happens so slowly that it's as if you're in a restrictive neck brace. You try to combat an enemy with your katana blade with graceful, weaving strike...

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