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ReDeads are zombie enemies that first appeared in Ocarina of Time. They are characterized by their slow movements, deep groans, and the wooden masks they wear over their rotten faces. They are similar to Gibdos. When Link encounters them, they emit loud shrieks that temporarily immobilize him. If one was to reach Link, it attaches to him and bites his neck, draining his life energy. They are quite durable, as it takes a while for Link to kill them with his sword. Link, however, can stun them by playing the Sun's Song on his ocarina. This enemy is considered as one of the most frightening monsters in the Legend of Zelda series.

In Twilight Princess, the ReDeads seem to have evolved quite a bit. The new ReDeads can still stun Link, but they also wield mighty swords that deal a significant amount of damage.

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