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The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, brought about by a shift in the moons orbit which disrupted Earths gravity. Most of civilization was reduced to dust, and the sky turned crimson red. The privileged elite of the world moved into giant domed cities. The rest of the world live in misery, constantly under attack by the gangs and mutants that roam the wastes.

The player is given control of an unnamed, silent protagonist, who is recruited by The Company at the beginning of the game. The Company is one of the top gangs, with connections to The Insiders who live in the domes. The player is assigned various missions by the leader, Liddy, and work their way through the ranks of the organization.

Many of the missions involve fighting the Red Sixers, the most dangerous gang in the wastes and rival of the The Company. The Red Sixer

A Red Sixer grunt.

s were mutated by Orgone, one of the few remaining energy sources in the world. Orgone is extremely volatile, and although easy to use it has catastrophic side effects when not used properly. One of those side effects is Red Six, a disease that turns skin into scaly leather and the brain into mush. The only people with the knowledge to use Orgone properly are The Insiders, and they are willing to pay very well for its power.


Redline is both a First Person Shooter and a Vehicular Combat game. At almost any time the player can fight on foot with a number of different weapons, or hop into a Battle Wheels and engage the enemy with mounted weapons (or just run them over).

The player is assigned missions by The Company in a linear story structure.

Mission select screen.

Most of the missions involve infiltrating an area controlled by the enemy, stealing or destroying something, then escaping in a vehicle. There are some racing missions, and some that put constraints on when you are able to exit your vehicle. The missions give the sense of non-linearity because you are free to explore the large levels (very large for when the game was released) any way you want. You can go back and play the missions at any time once you clear them.

The weapon is a multifunction transformable rifle which when you grab the appropriate ammo allows the gun to range from a machinegun, shotgun, grenade launcher, gauss rifle and any sort of weapon that can be possibly useful.

The Weapon modes of the rifle

Saw Mode (Self recharging energy)
Assault Rifle Mode (max 400)

Shotgun Mode (max 50)
Sniper Mode (max 15)

Grenade Launcher mode (max 40)
Flashbang Launcher Mode (max 20)

Rocket Launcher Mode (max 40)
Minigun Mode (max 400)

Gauss Rifle mode (max 20)
E.M.P Rifle mode (max 1)

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