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Redmoon is an online rpg which, after being online for nearly 5 years, was discontinued in the US at the end of 2004. Since then, however, fans of the game have set up their version of what the server should have been, calling it Redmoon Classic.   


The main quest line of the game follows a few events from the manga, though through playing the game the story doesn't become clear at all. The following is a short synopsis from the manga series:

In a city somewhere on Earth, Philar is an ordinary high school student who usually visits the local game arcade after finishing his studies. One day, however, while at the arcade, gangsters decide to cause trouble that inadvertently involves Philar. To everyone’s surprise he fights back; surrounded by some unknown power, he displays incredible fighting skills and easily wins the day. As the rumors spread about Philar, they come to the attention of Lunarena: an assassin sent by Azlar, Prince to Aguilas, to kill the legendary “Sun”, who he believes may have escaped to Earth. The beautiful Lunarena joins Philar in class posing as a new student. Taking no chances, she attacks Philar vehemently...can he withstand her master swordskills or her psionic powers? Don't miss this battle!  



Taken from the Redmoon Classic wiki description:  


Azlar, kidnapped when he was born, is Philar's brother. Aguilas raised him as his own son to become Prince of Signus. With his past forgotten, and thinking Philar as an enemy, he uses all means possible to kill him. Although he realizes great power from hatred and pride, deep down his inner self craves the warmth and love from the family he once lost. But in finding them he may find his ultimate destruction. 

After living under Aguilas' tyranny, an uprising occurred that found Canon leader of Signus' rebel army. Harsh living and day-to-day uncertainty gave him a cold and hardened look. But underneath is a warmth and firm belief in freedom. Deep down he longs for the presence of the Sun to save Signus.  


Although he was once chief guardian to Philar, as an opportunist Destino sided with Aguilas when Aguilas claimed victory. He desired Sadad's mother, Estella, and blinded by love blamed her husband for his misfortunes - eventually making their son a slave. But as time passed, he regretted his actions and began a heart-felt quest for the true Sun. Experience is his biggest asset, making him multi-talented and adaptable. 


Jarexx is a delinquent that grew up in an orphanage on Earth, he saved Philar from a certain death, and now his confused fate is tangled with that of the Sun. Although he's poor at expressing his innermost feelings, he believes Justice is more important than his own life, and this belief drives him onward.  

Kitara, as the daughter of a shaman, she is able to look into the future. It is this that led her to realize her fate was tied to Philar, and the eventual meeting when she was able to help him when he needed it most. But she also realizes that they must part and the subsequent emotional turmoil leads her into an accident. A blood transfusion from Philar makes her unique in her ability to harness his strength of will. 


Lavita, once a lady in waiting at Signus' older palace, had her dreams of gaining rank and status shattered when Sadad spurned her love, choosing instead his duty to protect Philar. Turning instead to Destino she is a cold-hearted, strikingly beautiful woman fervent in gaining what she wants through whatever it takes.  

Capable of great swordsmanship and willpower, Lunarena, as Signus' ultimate woman fighter, was dispatched to Earth to assassinate Philar. But she falls in love with Philar, and they find themselves fallen into an endless cycle of love and hate. Still she confidently carries on despite her evident emotional pain... 


Philar as a regular high school student, is led by his subconscious mind to a destiny and a past he does not want. Discovering the truth, he as a prince of Signus must leave Earth and return to where he was born and confront his future. He must embrace the tragic pain of losing his only brother, Azlar, gaining strength of character and despite his weakness of body develop a will, so iron strong as to be invincible. By turning this strength to creation rather than destruction he can become the savior of Signus, the one and the only Sun.   
Born of royal blood, it was by Destino's hand that Sadad lost his parents and became a slave. Sadad, as his name denotes, had 'nothing' but hate until he met Philar. It was through Philar that he discovered what fate held in store for the future of Signus. He found his soul and pledged to be Philar's protector for all time. Dedication to what he believes is right lends tremendous strength of will and purpose, which combined with his swordsmanship makes Sadad formidable.     

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