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Reflux was looked upon as the most powerful of all Knaaren. Rayman is forced to confront Reflux in a battle in the Desert of the Knaaren, and defeats him, destroying his reputation as Knaaren Champion. From then on, he strives for revenge, power, and dominance. He carries a strong grudge and deep hatred against Rayman after losing his battle with him. He soon allies with André and the Hoodlums in hopes of achieving his goal of revenge. André goads him into stealing the Sceptre of the Leptys from his king, Gumsi, so that the two villains can gain the power of the Leptys and use it to defeat Rayman. With Reflux at Andre's side, Andre will reproduce infinitely. At the Tower of the Leptys, Reflux battles Rayman for a second and final time, and morphs through several physical forms using the power provided by the Sceptre, which he embeds into his in order to access its full power. André also seems to be inside of Reflux during the battle. It is revealed that some fragment of André's spirit lingered on in Globox. As the game goes on, André's influence over Globox grows, making Globox nastier and more mean-spirited. André finally succeeds in transforming Globox into a clone of Reflux, and fights Rayman in this cloned body. The André-controlled Reflux-clone Globox drinks Plum Juice to make himself more powerful. When Rayman defeats him, André's spirit flees and Globox reverts to his original form with no memory of the possession.

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