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Relm Arrowny

Relm Arrowny is one of the several main protagonists in Final Fantasy VI. Relm is a Pictomancer, so her special ability is Sketch. Using this attack allows her to paint an identical picture of the enemy, which attacks using one of its attacks. By equipping the Fake Moustache, Relm's special ability becomes Control, which instead of merely painting a picture, she can control the enemy itself. In the game, she lives with her grandfather Strago Magus in Thamasa.


The party first encounters Relm Arrowny when they visit Thamasa while searching for the Espers. Locke Cole, Terra Branford, and Shadow visit the town, and are immediately met with disdain and scorn. After rescuing Relm from a fire one night, the town begins to trust them more, however. It is revealed that the entire town can use magic, including Relm and Strago.

When Strago offers to help the party in finding the Espers, Relm wants to come along as well, but Strago doesn't want her to. Despite this, she follows the party and saved them during a fight of Ultros (where she paints his portrait). Since they found her useful, she agrees to join the party.

In the World of Ruin, Relm's situation depends completely on whether or not Shadow lived or died. If Shadow died, then she is in the Cave in the Veldt, where she must be saved. After this, she begins painting for a wealthy man in Jidoor named Owzer. If Shadow lived, he is in the Cave in the Veldt, and Relm is already painting for Owzer.

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