First Impressions (no spoilers)

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I'm only a few hours in and having fun so far.

I really like the world building and the primary premise, though the narrative itself seems like it's going to be pretty straight-forward. I'm a little disappointed that this isn't the video game version of The Quantum Thief, but I guess that's asking a lot. The environments feel like a more believable version of what Deus Ex: Human Revolution was striving for; even the same-y corridor spaces have a lived-in look to them.

Gameplay-wise, the key to combat is deliberate combo execution. It reminds me a little of the combat in the recent Batman games, but it feels faster paced (the timing constraints seem to be tighter) and less balletic. You get a warning when enemies are about to attack, but there is no counter system; your only option is to dodge or interrupt their attack with an attack of your own. If you dodge an attack mid-combo, you can still resume the combo afterwards, as long as you time it correctly and continue attacking the same enemy. There are only 3 combos (3, 5, 6 moves) [Edit: derp. I just unlocked an 8-move combo. I guess there could be more], but you can customize each move past the opening move in the combo so that it can serve one of 4 functions:

  • deal more damage
  • regenerate health
  • reduce the cooldown on your "S-Pressen" (super) moves
  • duplicate and greatly magnify the effect of the previous move in the combo

In addition, you have the aforementioned "S-Pressen" super moves and some ranged powers that have certain kinds of utility in and out of combat. Part of the fun of combat so far has been to figure out the "combat puzzle" of how to redefine the combos in response to the enemies I'm facing.

Graphically, the game looks pretty good, particularly the lighting. There are a few spots where they shove some low-res console textures in your face (particularly in the intro sequence), but for the most part, stuff looks great. I like the AR visual cues (it's a nice change of pace from painting everything climbable bright white or yellow) and the typography/visual design is quite nice.

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@strangecargo: I assume you are playing on the PC - how is the performance? Is it a hog or pretty forgiving?

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One more thing: I really like the combat music. It isn't the same music every time, but something about the way it comes in and the way it "glitches" during combat feels pretty good.

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The music is fantastic.

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Doesn't feel like the tightest game mechanically so far, and the voice-acting is hit-or-miss (Main Character's pretty damn good at the least, but I'm not huge on the voice-in-your-ear) but I ADORE the visual design and the world building. Looks pretty good on PC as well (to be fair I threw some fairly aggressive SweetFX on it for some more vibrant colours and sharpening to make it look how I kind of WANTED it to, but it seemed pretty nice looking before that as well).

And yeah, the music (and its dynamism: the way it reacts to combat and such) is excellently done and the perfect amount of glitchy.

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@humanity: The game isn't super demanding on hardware. I'm playing at 2560x1440 with vsync on and it's basically locked at 60fps at ~50% GPU utilization on a GTX 680. I've got all the eye candy turned to max, except for super-sampling, which drops me to an inconsistent ~45fps when it's on.

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@jukezypoo: Yeah, the voice acting is definitely uneven, apart from Nilin. I think Lisa Foiles said that the French audio track is better, but I can't understand French when it's spoken that fast and the English subtitles are *tiny* at 2560x1440.

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Have only played through the first 2 episodes (episode 0 and 1). Must say that I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of people are complaing about the combat being clunky. To me the combat seems actually quite smooth.

I still dont understand the combo system in the game. It is explained a bit poorly. It would have been good if the player would have been guided through creating his or hers first combo.

The visuals in this game are outstanding and the music is nice. Though still in the early parts of the game. It remains to be seen how it holds up.

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I still can't believe I beat this game in a day. It was fucking terrific.

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Played for like 10 minutes in the morning before had to leave for work, goddam the music gave me chills.

Donwsampling from 2560x1600 to 1920x1200 everything maxed except Supersampling got a pretty steady 60 on a i5 3550 and a gtx 670.

I have a feeling im going to play this in one sitting now..


Im at chapter 3 now and i am REALLY liking this game, well worth the purchase.

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I've just started chapter 4 and this game has been frustrating to me only because they do so many things so well, but then other stuff like the constant super tight corridor design and the hit or miss voice acting pops up and it's kind of a bummer. I still think the game is pretty good and not bad by any stretch of the imagination but this is the kinda game that if they ever get another shot at another one, they could make something really special.

The visual design of Neo-Paris, the absolutely wonderful soundtrack are things that made me excited to play this game and the interesting story premise are keeping me excited going foward. Seriously, the soundtrack is holy shit fantastic, one of the best I've heard in this generation of games The combo system is a neat idea but I can see how it would get repetitive later on as it seems like you're going to make your "best" 2 or 3 combos and just spam that the whole game. Overall I'm definitely digging this game and hope by the time it finishes I feel the same way.

Anyone know if there going to be any plans to release an OST, cause I'd be there day 1!

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I just beat the first boss. Some of the aesthetic reminds me of that one boss from DMC. Which, obviously, was one of the best parts. And, actually, that boss was rather similar in the fact that he had his own TV show and what-not.

Really loving the game. Not seeing what is worthy of giving it a mediocre score. Maybe it gets too repetitive, but right now I'm enjoying everything about it. The messing with people's memories is a really neat mechanic too.

Indeed, the game was definitely worth 37 bucks. Thanks GMG!

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I have really enjoyed the game. I am at chapter 6 and have found it to be both a little infuriating being funneled down these narrow paths and wowed by both its visuals and music. I find most of the voice acting (including Nilin) to be absolutely dreadful which is a shame, but the story has been consistently interesting and I do really want to see how things end.

The only other thing I want to mention is the awful helicopter chase sequence that can kill you over and over without giving you a clear idea of what you are doing wrong. It's a real shame as the music and sequence are quite exciting, but having to restart a checkpoint over ten times with the same bit of atrocious dialogue can be really irritating and break the flow of the game. Luckily it was rather short.

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