FIX for game crashing on startup

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So I started playing this today on PC and I have a Radeon card. The game would start up and instantly crash with a "close this unresponsive program" message.

Apparently as strange as it sounds, the trick to fixing this issue lies in installing Nvidia PhysX drivers even if you have an ATI card.

I installed these and they work just fine with no other crashes throughout the entire game (Edit: I beat it by now) And I haven't noticed issues with any other titles as a result of this weird mish-mash of drivers.


In case anyone else has similar issues. I was a little bummed out at first as I was kind of teetering on the verge of getting the console version instead. Thankfully I found the fix pretty quick and just want to pass it forward.

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Thanks, I had the same problem but this solved it ^^

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I also had this weird problem. Thanks again for the easy fix!

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