Get This for $37

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GMG has this for $37 when you apply this GMG25-PLPFE-BCSAS when checking out.

It's unfortunate that the game looks painfully linear but the visuals and universe look compelling enough for me to want to try it out. I think I'll wait a bit longer though because Last of Us is right around the corner too.

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I was contemplating this exact deal this morning. I'm just going to finish Darksiders II instead, it looks really great but this is a big fortnight for bills up in here.

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2 day to early, on my part.

but just to be sure aint there something about steam not being happy about buying games with a different curency then you own, i think i heard something like that. cuz if not then i clearly have to change a few things around.

getting real sick and tired of paying 50 euro (roughly $65) when i could get it for a stardard $50 somewhere else.

its hard enough getting over paying almost $100 for a console game.
think it was writting in the tos. but it was only something i heard going around at some point, so that if you wanted to get in on it you had to get someone in the states to buy it send the code and transfer the money to him or something like that i can barely remember it

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I only was able to finalize the install and boot it up, but fuck the title menus are AMAZING. I can't wait to play it tomorrow.

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I got it on Steam, since it seemed to be out and it's still 40€ on either store. Now it's all downloaded and apparently it isn't released yet in Europe. What gives, y'all?

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I was thinking about this after reading the review AND THEN I SAW THIS THREAD. Now my wallet is quite unhappy with me. Thanks, @colourful_hippie.

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It really does suck that games still get separate release dates in different regions.

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@zenmastah: Nevermind that, I can wait, and got enough shit on my plate, but according to Steam, the game looked to be out. So fuck.

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