new Kid X-mas trailer

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( link to the trailer on youtube)

I mentioned this in the video comments but I have to say the design choice @1:40 with projecting the in-game HUD display of a "shield break" is fucking awesome. The combat looks to be a little more refined but I want to see more of the armor that sprouts out around her right arm in use.

The game looks better with every trailer.

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Yeah, this is actually looking like a game I would really like.

I really think the Batman games deserve a lot of credit for reinvigorating hand-to-hand combat systems too.

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Yeah, this looks much better and more refined. Definitely on my most wanted list right now.

I do wish they returned to the outfit from that 7 minute gameplay. I dug that futuristic white coat over this generic get-up.

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I can't wait fo this game but I still think that the combat is the least interesting thing about this game..

@Ghostiet said:

I do wish they returned to the outfit from that 7 minute gameplay. I dug that futuristic white coat over this generic get-up.

Yeah watching that trailer I was thinking, didn't her look, look better in the longer trailer..

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I watched the Kid Xmas trailer last night and was blown away. This game came out of nowhere for me and I'm pleasantly surprised. I saw the box art a while back and overlooked it as another generic 3rd person action game. After this clip I fervently watched all the other gameplay footage and was equally excited.

Why is there no more buzz about this game? Capcom has a way of disappointing on promises but I seem to hear about DMC every week but this hasn't been in headlines. Maybe because its a new IP, but this games looks as ass kicking as a Tomb Raider. The game release in May and I hope it delivers and avoids being swallowed up in the glut of Spring games. Just seems like another situation like Sleeping Dogs or Dragon's Dogma where a decent game gets lost in the shuffle.

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The absolute best part of the game for me, is that it says it's coming out on pc too. Great. Amazing trailers.

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