Remember me didn't turn out well.

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#51 Posted by shivermetimbers (780 posts) -

Eh, The Last of Us comes out next week. I'll wait for that. As for this game, it's too early to tell if it doesn't turn out well or not.

#52 Edited by SethPhotopoulos (5301 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: I'd read a review from someone I trust to get me to decide if I want a game or not but looking at scores is a decent way of looking for an overall consensus. It is still pointless to look at just the score though. The reviewer could have reviewed it poorly because the stuff he didn't like is the stuff I would like and vice-versa.

#53 Posted by gaminghooligan (1462 posts) -

I want to see it played before I pass any kind of judgement on purchasing, that being said, it will most likely be half price on steam within a month or so (usually the trend on games that aren't established franchises these days). Also like @shivermetimbers said above, Last of Us is fast approaching, and my money would be better spent on it I'd assume.

#54 Edited by wjb (1674 posts) -

Who cares about the review score? The most important question is how good are the butts in this game, and also, how often do we see these butts? Asking for a friend...


#55 Posted by Fredchuckdave (5698 posts) -

@wjb: I guess eventually she gets out of the ass uniform and swaps to not quite as impressive ass jeans, but her ass is definitely memorable. Also she's extremely British.

@sethphotopoulos: Oh yeah there's a handful of good reviewers out there and obviously it's mostly from reading the review, but word of mouth and game footage is still going to wind up being superior as a judgment call.

#56 Edited by Lelcar (698 posts) -

I don't understand why people don't just rent games to sidestep all this complaining for spending full price on games. I've had a gameaccess account (Canadian gamefly) for years, and it's allowed me to play all the new releases that come out when they come out. I of course still purchase games that I'm passionate about owning, but I feel that people constantly forget that renting is a thing and it's an efficient way to play a bunch of games for a low cost.

#57 Edited by EternalVigil (260 posts) -

I watched some coverage of this game and yes, it does look interesting at the very least, but it seems like it's going to be very divisive (The Rev3games review everyone is bringing up even admits this) in terms of its gameplay mechanics. I'm saying its not worth playing, but at full price jumping into something you may end up not enjoying may not be the best. I'll wait for a quick look or any word and mouth about it.

I'm surprised none of the bigger review sites haven't started their reviews with the zinger:

"Is Remember me an memorable experience? Or is it one you'd wish you could forget?"

#58 Edited by wjb (1674 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: I don't care if she's British! I'm not shallow, gosh!

I guess I'll play it. I'm curious about the butt quota, for my friend, I mean...

#59 Edited by Cirdain (3099 posts) -

@sweep: Big up Dead End Thrills!

Seems interesting and fun enough for my purchase. And Yes, it looks great (don't think about the last of us)

#60 Edited by Fredchuckdave (5698 posts) -

@eternalvigil: IGN's (true to form) says "Forget about it," though IGN Italy says: "La memorabile eleganza di Remember Me" which I can only assume has something to do with elegant and memorable.

#61 Posted by EternalVigil (260 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: It's good to know that IGN never strays away from the easiest puns.

#62 Posted by ProfessorK (825 posts) -

TBH everything I've seen of the game was very middling so I'm not surprised. Something about the animations in combat didn't sit right with me, everything else looked interesting, but when fighting's one of the big draws... yea.

#63 Posted by Baal_Sagoth (1272 posts) -

Hm, I didn't pay a lot of attention to this until now (wasn't even sure it'd be a PC game as well). But judging purely by initial word of mouth, this...

@starvinggamer: Here's (essentially) a QL, don't now how anyone wouldn't be at least somewhat interested after watching it:

...and Totalbiscuit's first look I'm actually quite interested. Great premise, potentially cool protagonist, sweet style and one absolutely glorious soundtrack. So far I'm worried about the somewhat "realistic" characters mixed with mediocre animations, massive potential for the story to fucking suck aside from the great setup, weird (English) voice acting and - most importantly - the '10 minutes of video' embargo. Gameplay is hard to judge, could be minimalist and good or shallow and boring. Definitely nothing I'll just drop 30€ (that GMG deal) on right now. But I totally might once I've got a little more solid information unrestricted by PR.

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#65 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4415 posts) -

It looked like it had huge potential though

#66 Edited by Fredchuckdave (5698 posts) -

@baal_sagoth: A look at the trophy list strongly implies that there's a decent amount of depth to the system, even if it's on the surface simple and beatable without utilizing the full extent of those mechanics. Arkham City definitely fell into that category so that makes me relatively optimistic; not to say it will have that much depth but if it's above average it's hard to be particularly disappointed.

#67 Posted by cikame (1022 posts) -

I tend to judge games early upon seeing their animations, i don't know, maybe if animators have the time and talent it rubs off on the rest of the studio because i'm usually right.
The animation in this game ranks alongside something like a Tomb Raider: Underworld, which wasn't exactly good, but i had some fun with it at a bargain price.

Environments look good because, if i remember correctly, the studio did something like concept renderings for cities before this.

#68 Posted by Zaccheus (1797 posts) -

Arthur Gies gave it an 8 so I consider it to be a good game until I get my hands on it and see for myself.

#69 Posted by JZ (2125 posts) -
#70 Edited by Veektarius (4920 posts) -

I don't understand the people in this thread who say that average reviews aren't a good reason to delay purchase until there's a price drop. What, exactly, is he supposed to base his decision on? The word of mouth exclusively coming from excited passengers on its hype train?

#71 Edited by Baal_Sagoth (1272 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: Interesting. I'd really like it if this game ended up being my kind of thing. I thoroughly enjoy stylish, mildly philosphical, dystopian futuristic settings. My hope is that the Tomb Raider gameplay vibe I get is correct. Deceiptively simple and - on paper - not my preference but quite enjoyable in the end. The Batman comparison seems apt as well though I didn't end up playing that one for myself aside from the PC demo, so I'm not all that knowledgeable on that front.

#72 Posted by JZ (2125 posts) -

@veektarius: I'm suppose to be supporting new IPs with fresh ideas.

#73 Edited by supamon (1333 posts) -

I thoroughly enjoy stylish, mildly philosphical, dystopian futuristic settings.

I'm a sucker for that sort of setting, I expected it to be a little janky but a brand new third person adventure IP with that setting is exactly what I want.

#74 Edited by StarvingGamer (8364 posts) -

Just thought I'd pop back in and say that, now that I'm about to enter the final episode of the game, Remember Me is fucking great. It is very reminiscent of Enslaved. The mechanics are simple and competent, but the real draw is the incredible world-building and characters. If you're not worried about game length, then it's definitely worth the GMG deal while it lasts. At the very least you should check it out when it hits $15 on a Steam sale later this year. It's definitely going to end up on my top 10 list for 2013.

#75 Posted by Fredchuckdave (5698 posts) -

@starvinggamer: Nice, thanks for the feedback. Sadly I am probably going to buy Last of Us new since I like Uncharted 2/3 so much and have some degree of "brand loyalty," but I'll be sure to pick Remember Me up when it gets cheaper (I buy almost nothing for the full price, considering you can get it for half a month later).

#76 Posted by StarvingGamer (8364 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: Yeah, and as far as combat depth goes, it's less in the execution and more in the customization. The two main ways to play are straight up bullying foes with power attacks, or using attacks that reduce the cooldowns on your various super-moves. So, for where I'm at right now, if I'm min-maxing the way I allocate my attacks, my best combo can either do over 1000 damage or only 100 damage while reducing the cooldown on all my supers by 240 seconds. Or I can play it safer and build a combo that does a little bit of both and adds some healing to the mix.

The game gives you multiple combo slots of varying lengths so you end up with a pretty full toolchest that you can tweak to your heart's content whenever you want. Basically, it's mashy fun with an interesting customization/preparation stage.

#77 Posted by ESREVER (2700 posts) -

Yea, just finished it today. A truly awesome game that will end up being one of those "underrated" games people look back in the years to come.

I kinda wish there was a combat challenge mode. Building combos was pretty fun.

#79 Edited by Zlimness (558 posts) -

I'm 60% done and liking it. It's no cult classic though. It has some fun ideas, but doesn't commit. The memory remixing is fucking awesome, but doesn't happen nearly enough. The combo lab is neat, but not nearly as deep as I wanted it to be. The world looks great, but you can't explore any of it.

Remember Me is perfect sequel material though. Nilin is a great character and I really hope we'll see more of her. If you told me they made a sequel with an open world, a skill tree where you basically steal skills from enemies, remix the hell out of people and polish up the combat mechanics, I'd be STOKED. I'm definitely putting a bookmark on this game and await the sequel.

#80 Edited by Jeust (10735 posts) -

I'm resurecting this thread just to say the game is awesome! I'm in the fourth chapter and loving it. The whole setup, and graphics are great, reminiscent of the old french sci-fi comics like The Nikopol Trilogy, with its intrigue, and detailed and obscure backgrounds. The gameplay feels serviceable in the plataforming, similar to Uncharted, and the combat feels interesting, with a similar system to Batman: Arkham Asylum, but costumizable. I'm loving it.

#81 Edited by Fredchuckdave (5698 posts) -

I enjoyed playing through this game; seems perfectly competent, perhaps not worth $60. Totally worth free though. The VO is pretty hilarious.

#82 Posted by Humanity (9576 posts) -

@jeust: it was on my GOTY list and while it's not perfect I do think it got overlooked by a lot of people because of somewhat harsh reviews.

I enjoyed playing through this game; seems perfectly competent, perhaps not worth $60. Totally worth free though. The VO is pretty hilarious.

I really enjoyed all the fiction and aesthetics. The platforming was pretty simple and the combat was kind of polarizing for people but the world they built around this concept of controlling memories was really great - especially for people like myself who really dig the sci-fi style over fantasy.

#83 Edited by Nodima (1239 posts) -

Game that's way more fun to look at than play. Thought I might be getting a little into it even if I'd quickly decided to turn the volume down and listen to podcasts while playing to drown out the super dumb story, and then one of the very first boss battles popped up following a lame minefield puzzle and I just gave up and uninstalled the game to make space for Tomb Raider. Loved the world, hated everything wrapped inside it except the concept of the memory remixing. Although even that didn't make sense; if you're only changing the perception of an event in a single person's head, how long can you really expect them to not realize they've been remixed by the remixer?

#84 Posted by Fredchuckdave (5698 posts) -

@nodima: I totally skipped that boss by restarting the checkpoint when it spawned; was still annoying later in the game though.

#85 Edited by NMC2008 (1237 posts) -

Yeah, I didn't dig it too much, I didn't finish the game but the last thing I remember is beating some boss that I think created clones and disappeared alot, I think.

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