Remember Me new gameplay.

#1 Posted by SpartanHoplite (429 posts) -

Looks a bit too on rails there, but yet, very stylish game. I do hope action sequences will give you more freedom.

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#2 Posted by RE_Player1 (7948 posts) -

I have a feeling this will be a really short game.

#3 Posted by TheHT (12573 posts) -

something about this video reminds me of a saturday morning cartoon.

#4 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2646 posts) -

Ah! Run! It's the fugitive!

#5 Posted by MiniPato (2808 posts) -

Damn, the music in the beginning when the helicopter showed up made me think an Agent from the Matrix found her.

#6 Posted by Seedofpower (4004 posts) -

Fuck, that helicopter can't aim worth shit.

#7 Edited by MiniPato (2808 posts) -

@Seedofpower said:

Fuck, that helicopter can't aim worth shit.

It's the helicopter from Uncharted 2, but in the FUTURE!

@TheHT said:

something about this video reminds me of a saturday morning cartoon.

It's probably the music and voice acting.

But the game still looks cool. I like that it isn't based on shooting dudes and more on brawling. I mean, she clearly has projectiles, but it looks like it's used more for stunning people while you get in close.

#8 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

Why does she look like Joanna Dark

#9 Posted by falserelic (5723 posts) -

The combat looks kinda interesting. But for most part it played out like an uncharted game.

#10 Posted by altairre (1423 posts) -

"Stay frosty sis." Is this Spiderman speaking? The dialogue as a whole seems really cheesy. "The hunter becomes the hunted"? Man, she really is a loose canon.

#11 Posted by Encephalon (1431 posts) -

Logic Bomb, huh. That's pretty good.

#12 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

Looks like Capcom is still trying to appeal to western audiences with their games.

#13 Posted by BeachThunder (13307 posts) -

Ugh; I liked what I saw of this before, but this video just made the game seem like herpa derpa vidya game. I want more Ghost Trick type stuff and less frustrating-looking action sequences and cheesy action-one-liners.

#14 Posted by DeathByWaffle (705 posts) -

"Lets play a little game of 'turn yourself in, but I shoot you anway!'". That is horrible

#15 Posted by genericHenle (43 posts) -

Pretty sure some of those helicopters bullets went right through her... I was actually pretty excited by some of the very first videos they showed off. This just looks really average and stiff while taking parts of other games and lumping them together.

#16 Posted by Soapy86 (2683 posts) -
#17 Posted by AssInAss (3090 posts) -

Upgrade your PMP hand!

#18 Posted by nasseh (86 posts) -

Oh... that was alright, I guess. I was expecting something a bit more interesting after the first 7min gameplay video they showed.

#19 Posted by TobbRobb (5217 posts) -

DAMN that looks so fucking stiff. Yuck.

#20 Posted by project343 (2881 posts) -

The running animations are so distractingly awkward.

#21 Posted by Ocean_H (283 posts) -

Tokyo Game Show 2012

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#22 Posted by Klei (1799 posts) -

Great tech, unpolished animations, ugly-ass costume. Get to work.

#23 Edited by Snail (8776 posts) -

This is like a rip-off of that Final Cut movie with Robin Williams which I think was based-off a book. What with the "memory retrieval/hunting" thing, and they even have those things on the back of their necks. Well to be fair I guess the plot resemblances end there but the combat looks like a poor man's Arkham City and the platforming just a copy/paste of Uncharted stuff.

Also "memoreyes" is really hard to take seriously.

Hadn't heard of this before, and not sold on it at all right now. The whole concept of making combat around messing with people's brains sounds pretty cool and maybe even full of potential for awesome stuff, but "Logic Bombs" making people explode is not the way to go with that.

#24 Posted by Wong_Fei_Hung (735 posts) -

Looking good. I may get this for the PC.

#25 Posted by villainy (651 posts) -

Doesn't look particularly special really.. Though I was distracted by two things for the whole video

1. Samus is gonna want that Chozo artifact this lady has floating behind her neck.


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