kidavenger's Remember Me (PC) review

Simply beautiful

This game was another pleasant surprise, I was semi excited for this before it came out but reviews cooled my interest; ended up getting it on sale, and boy am I glad I gave it a shot.

This is one of the most beautiful games I've played this generation.

The story was above average and had one of the biggest mind fucks I've ever seen in a game, I think that one sequence would make the whole game worthwhile for most.

The combat was well done, but very much a copy of Batman, the custom combo system was interesting; you have to use the combos to survive and do well in combat which is something I think is lacking in a lot of these third person action games. Pulling off a 8 hit combo because you have to or you'd die is pretty awesome when it works out, luckily it mostly does in this game.

I was having problems with crashing in the first few chapters, but after verifying the install through Steam, I had no more crashes, so I'm going to blame that on Steam.

This game borrows a lot from other games but it does it all well and I think this is well worth playing.

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