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David Nassau firing the Gae Bolg
In the world of The Last Remnant, Remnants are mysterious devices left in the world by an ancient civilization. Though not entirely understood by anyone, the current civilization takes advantage of their vast power and the use of Remnants plays an important role in both political and military machinations. Each of the main cities in the world is home to a unique Remnant used to both defend and symbolize the spirit of the city. For example, the city of Athlum is home to the Valeria Heart, a massive Remnant in the shape of a sword -- it's recognized as a symbol of courage and exudes a power to bolster the spirits of Athlum's citizens.

While the giant Remnants in cities are some of the visually impressive, the world is full of other, less visible Remnants, found in the forms of various weapons and equipment. The Gae Bolg, for example, is a massive cannon controlled by David Nassau. Other Remnants appear in the form of swords, bangles and other accessories, carried by individuals and used to dramatically increase physical and mystical capabilities.

The Academy in Elysion is a center famed for Remnant research, and rumors abound that it may be home to illicit Remnant research. Due to their immeasurable power, it is unsuprising that certain factions in the world conspire to more effectively weaponize Remnants and bring them under control.

Apart from the great potential Remnants hold to be useful tools, there is also a great danger present. Remnants that are not bound to a soul are incredibly dangerous, their aura presenting a negative effect as opposed to a positive. If they are left unbound for long enough, Remnants are prone to break down and cause widespread destruction, an event known as a "Collapse." Marion Marshall was the first person to provide a solution to this grave danger -- she possessed the ability to bind any Remnant. The God Emperor coveted this paper and made her his wife, and together the influence of her power spread throughout the world and the culture of Remnant use came into being.

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