rekt_hed's Renegade Ops (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Gear Up And Strap In For Awesome Arcade Shooting Bliss

Like some I was wary about this game when I saw Brads review of 5 stars when little to none was known about this game before launch and it wasnt bigged up by microsoft on the dashboard when it came out here in the UK. BUT as soon as you start playing this game you quickly realise just how much fun Avalanche studios have made shooting stuff until it blows up.

I like to think of this game as what would happen if a pinball machine, shootem up and a RPG hada 3 way love child! Shooting enemies with great sounding machine gun fire and explosions all highlighted by the constant streaming of numbers and pinball like sounds giving you the short cut pure sensory overload with minamal effort. Thats not saying that the game is easy though as learning to dodge rockets and other enemy fire is essential to staying alive as like old arcade shooters once your lives are out on a level its litterally 'game over' and you have to start the level from the begining but to soften this kick to your balls you keep any XP youve earned during that mission allowing you to try a different stratergy with a new ability.

This will always be a minor set back though as the gameplay runs at a smooth 60 frames a second so the gameplay is fun even if your getting your ass handed to you and is often fair. If you die its usually cause you thought it was a good idea to charge into a tank head on....turns out thats not a good idea. This is a game where pick up and play is really simple. You dont need to know much as its mainly just out manovering your opponents and shooting them.

Also there is a skill tree for each of the 4 characters in the game and youll level each one up as you play with them and kill enemies unlocking your special ability to do more damage or get more extra ammo uno the usual stuff. Characters Range from having air strikes to being able to EMP everything in a blast radius or turn yourself into a turtle (not litterally) with a big dirty gun.

The story mode isnt really long but for a downloadable title it will keep you busy for a good 5-6hrs with a drop in drop out kinda feel for each of the 9 levels. Now while 9 levels doesnt sound like a lot each level is quite large with multiple objectives to get stuck into many with timers on so you have to home your skills in certain situtaions to get everything done in time.

Of course once youve completed it you can to score chase your friends or play up to 4 player co op which I've yet to try but imagine to be great fun. Even if your just going to play this single player I highly recommend checking it out. Its very rare that I will complete a game and then head straigh back to the start again to get more punishment on a harder setting but not only did I want to do it on this game but I felt compelled.

With all the AAA games coming out these with DEEP story arc's and multiple profound moral choices its really refreshing for a game to be like 'hey I know what you like, lets just blow some shit up and have fun while we do it' and this game does it so well its just a great title to have on your console if you wanna time out from some hefty slog of a game or just blasting dudes cause you can.

The only fault I would raise is some weird audio clipping and audio freezing that occured on some levels but this didnt happen often enough to be any more than a little gripe. And these clipping sounds litterally last a second at best.

If youve got 1200 points just waiting to be used up I could not recommend this tittle more. Its suited for any gamer who just wants some fun wrapped up in a storm of bullets and explosions with that good olde arcade shooter feel.

Posted by Duckef

Nice review duder!

Posted by Rekt_Hed

@Duckef said:

Nice review duder!

Cheers duder :)

Posted by Zeuss

had same clipping prob, nice review.

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