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A Game As Crazy As Its Name Is Mundane 2

Avalanche Studios is a developer oddly in tune with what I want out of my video games. It's almost creepy how closely their games adhere to my checklist of perfect action game staples. Last year, Just Cause 2 showed us how far off the deep end these guys can go, and this year they're bringing their brand of explosive action to the download scene with Renegade Ops. Don't let the mundane name fool you; this is one of the craziest, flashiest, and overall most fun games released on XBLA and PSN this...

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Gear Up And Strap In For Awesome Arcade Shooting Bliss 3

Like some I was wary about this game when I saw Brads review of 5 stars when little to none was known about this game before launch and it wasnt bigged up by microsoft on the dashboard when it came out here in the UK. BUT as soon as you start playing this game you quickly realise just how much fun Avalanche studios have made shooting stuff until it blows up.I like to think of this game as what would happen if a pinball machine, shootem up and a RPG hada 3 way love child! Shooting enemies with gr...

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Renegade Ops 0

Sporting one of the most generic titles in recent memory, “Renegade Ops” puts old school arcade action into a modern engine. The game is a top-down vehicle-shooter like the 80s arcade game “Jackal”, but uses modern duel joystick controls similar to “Geometry Wars.” “Renegade Ops” was developed by Avalanche Studios, the studio responsible for the “Just Cause” series, and the game uses the “Just Cause 2” engine to great effect. “Just Cause 2” was famous for its massive explosions and “Renegade Op...

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If it Moves, Blow it Up 0

Avalanche Studios, the Swedish developers who brought players the Just Cause games, keep the explosions, uh, exploding with Renegade Ops, a dual-joystick vehicle shooter for the Xbox Live Arcade. Before you even get into a car, Renegade Ops wastes no time setting a tone that’s like an uncensored episode of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, and I mean that in the best way possible. Campy dialogue, responsive, yet appropriately loose controls, and a wanton nature make this a game for just about anyo...

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Fast and Fun Top Down Shooter Action 0

There is a subset of gamers out there who long for the days when games were more mechanically simple, but didn’t let you off the hook if you were reckless or imprecise. And while there’s no denying that games have gotten easier, they have also improved when it comes to concepts and controls. Developer Avalanche Studios attempts to fuse these two eras of gaming with Renegade Ops, a mechanically simple game that has a wildly corny story, but integrates some obligatory modern game concepts such as ...

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Cool Down The Inferno 0

Renegade Ops is a top-down arcade twin-stick shooter in which you control one of four characters, or six if you purchase the two additional characters. Created by the developers of the Just Cause franchise, this game features lush visuals and explosive gameplay to accompany the late 80’s-90’s style action story.Avalanche Studios make great explosive games.After attacks in Paris and other areas of the world by the evil Inferno, the leaders of the world come together to figure how to peacefully so...

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Tons of fun 0

After seeing Brad's quick look for this game I was really excited to play it. Brad is spot on in his review. The game is very good at what it does, and for such a low price I really feel like I'm getting my money's worth. From Bryant's hard nosed, no nonsense approach to your character's special abilities, everything this game does feels right. This is a game that could have easily gone wrong, but I feel like it's one of the best overall experiences from a game I've had this year....

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Scratches old Strike series itch, months of replay value 0

Renegade Ops is the sort of game that's so obsessively simple, it's a wonder that more games aren't able to achieve this sort of focus. The achievement is made even more notable for being from Avalanche Studios, the team behind the hilariously ADHD-riddled Just Cause 2. Despite being on its face a very brief game, Renegade Ops has also proved to be the game from Playstation Plus' Instant Game Collection that's spent the most time on my hard drive alongside Just Cause 2. Part of this is, if I'm b...

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