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 In the original Crackdown, players had to scour the world looking for stationary Orbs. In Crackdown 2, they have now introduce Renegade Orbs. They start off in a stationary place, but start moving, which you have to catch. The Renegade Orbs are for Agility and Driving. They also have a level associated with them, so a Level 1 Renegade Orb you will probably be able to catch, but a Level 2 will be smarter resulting in a hard catch. They have AI, so they will try to double back on you, and hide away, making it a challenge to catch the higher level ones.
This will no doubt further frustatration amongst players, who also had a hard time even trying to find the last Agility Orb in the original, now we have to contend with finding the Orb, and then catching it.
Happy Hunting Agent.

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