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Reno is a very distinguishable and prominent member of the Turks that works for the Shinra Electric Power Company. Reno ranks as a veteran member in the organization, just below Tseng. Not always the hardest worker, but with his many skills he always seems to get the job done. His partner that helps him in each covert mission that is assigned to them is Rude. Reno and his partner Rude are inseparable and are always seen together on missions regardless of the task at hand.

Reno is characterized as a cocky, stubborn and somewhat lazy individual. This can be seen in the way he takes care of his work as well as his disregard to the dress code of the Turks, but he takes great pride in what he does. Reno is the only member of The Turks that wears goggles on his head even though it's part of the uniform. His weapon of choice is a retractable mettallic baton known as the Electro Mag Rod which he always carries with him. Reno has been in many battles and has taken care of a lot of work during his time as a Turk such as kidnappings, espionage and even assassinations. Another task he is responsible with is serving as a bodyguard for the Shinra executives. He is also a skilled Helicoptor pilot as well as a very talented fighter.

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