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Renux Herkanor travels around quite a bit. She can most commonly be found in the rogue's guild beneath Crow's Tavern in North Qeynos. She is Hanns Krieghor's most trusted assassin. Renux can also be found in a small hut in West Karana selling ingredients for poison crafting.

While Hanns Krieghgor is the current guildmaster of the Circle of Unseen Hands, Renux's father, Stanos, was the leader for over thirty years. Stanos became leader after discovering that his predecessor had made some seedy deals with a dark elf general from Neriak that would lead to a rift between the humans and high elves. Seeing the danger in handing so much power to the dark elves, Stanos decided to assassinate his guildmaster and the dark elf general's ambassador, and staged it so that it would appear as though they had killed each other. Stanos' guildmaster was Johann Krieghor, Hanns' father. Many years later, Hanns discovered the truth and sent the guild's top assassins, including Renux, to kill Stanos Herkanor.

Rogues that embark on their epic weapon quest know that Stanos still lives, and resides in a well hidden camp in High Pass. These rogues will surely run into Renux as they attempt to solve the mystery of the identity of the dark elf general. When employing a gnome in Steamfont Mountains to translate a parchment presumably signed by the general, Renux will steal it in an attempt to keep the identity a secret known only to Hanns. She must be defeated to reclaim the note and continue on with the quest.

During the rogue epic 1.5 quest, Renux Herkanor makes a return to Steamfont Mountains as a zombie.



  • Level 70 Human Rogue - North Qeynos
  • Level 70 Zombie Rogue - Steamfont Mountains
  • Level 51 Human Rogue - Steamfont Mountains
  • Level 50 Human Rogue - West Karana


  • Circle of Unseen Hands
  • Corrupt Qeynos Guards
  • Kane Bayle

Opposing Factions

  • Guards of Qeynos
  • Merchants of Qeynos

Related Quests

  • Grandmaster Assassin's Seal (West Karana)
  • Package from Lomarc (North Qeynos)
  • Rogue Epic: Ragebringer (Steamfont Mountains)
  • Rogue Epic 1.5: Fatestealer (Steamfont Mountains)

Loot (Steamfont Mountains)

  • Jagged Diamond Dagger
  • Ravenscale Belt
  • Ravenscale Cloak
  • Ravenscale Mask
  • Ravenscale Neckguard
  • Ravenscale Shoulderpads
  • Translated Parchment
  • Trochilic's Skean

Loot (Undead)

  • Festering Heart of Rage
  • Rusty Dagger
  • Trochilic's Skean

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