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Reptar is the heroic dinosaur from the popular kids TV show Rugrats. Made to resemble Godzilla, Reptar is green with blue spikes along his spine, big red eyes, a giant purple tongue, pointy sharp teeth and claws, as well as a big snout.

I Am Reptar, Hear Me Roar
Reptars first appearance came as a character on a cereal box on the episode "Incident in aisle 7". Soon Reptar became more popular and started becoming very important to the plot lines. 

In the show Reptar is a fake dinosaur that is used to market food, clothes, toys and other kid-oriented stuff. To the kids however Reptar is a real dinosaur and a hero that they look up too. Often times the kids will meet Reptar, which is really just a man dressed in a Reptar costume. Stu Pickles creates a Reptar cart in the first Rugrats movie. 

In the Rugrats movie Reptar in Paris Stu pickles takes the rest of the gang to EuroReptarLand in Paris, France. Stu takes them there because he has to fix a giant Reptar robot that has malfunctioned. This relatively recent rugrats movie shows how the importance and popularity of Reptar has grown.

Once the All Grown Up show starts Reptar is no longer a big part of the story at all and fades into nothing but a figment of the kid's imaginations. There is one episode in the show where a pool is being dug in one of the kid's backyards and a small Reptar doll is dug up from a place where Spot buried it. This is the last time in the show Reptar was shown but it remains a strong memory for all that remember the Rugrats and Reptar truly stole the spotlight and made the show great.

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