Republique comes out of hiding. Releases New Dev Update Video

#1 Posted by mrfluke (5661 posts) -

reallllly surprised this wasnt covered on GB especially by patrick of all people.

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game looks like its living up to expectations visually, they have to get that one touch gameplay down properly though. if that doesnt feel right that game will be frustrating,

curious to also see how much of a story they pull off, especially since this is an ios game. and how they hired david hayter and jennifer hale to be voice actors.

but i do worry about the situation this team would be in after this game is release, especially when they said that they will be taking the profits from this game and making a pc version with said profits.

interested to see where it goes. i hope ryan payton doesnt shave that beard, that looks amazing :P

#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I'm glad that it's chugging along but I've been actively avoiding following updates about Republique. I backed the project because whatever it ends up being is going to be interesting but I really want to go into the game completely blind.

#3 Posted by JZ (2343 posts) -

So this a stealth game or what?

#4 Posted by mrfluke (5661 posts) -

@JZ: yea its more or less a stealth game.

#5 Posted by JZ (2343 posts) -

Ok I'll buy it for one dollar.

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