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006 was a good year for gamers but eidos changed that by releasing Reservoir Dogs. this game is alright for people who like violence but since eidos released Kane and lynch which disappointed a lot of gamers with horrible game play this is like reservoir dogs. the storyline is the same as the movie as a bank heist which goes wrong. this dull game doesn't deliver action like better third person games so i urge gamers to rent first or don't rent at all because you have better games at home which is better than this crap game. Please eidos don't scar us again with this game. move away with these games and go back to your tomb raiders jerks. you can invest with rockstar with its own problems or just scrap this game it would save a lot of money to make a good game which would leave us with some feel of pride to buy a good game which is not reservoir dogs.

Posted by xplodedd

this game sucks dude... i dont see why youd even recommend people to rent this shit.

Posted by sohail12345

i said rent or not rent but its yr own opinion

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    Reservoir Dogs is one of the seminal films of the 1990's.  It birthed a generation of independent film, and placed an emphasis on dialog over action and art.  In fact, the most action filled scenes of the film are relayed entirely through words -- you don't see the jewel store shoot-out, or the car chase.  Instead the tension comes from the viewer constantly being forced to ask, "what comes next". As a result, the licensed game of the film had little to no chance of living up to it's sour...

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