nephilimwraith's Resident Evil Zero (GameCube) review

The reason I bought a Gamecube

I have always loved the Resident Evil series, ever since I was a kid.

Resident Evil 0 is one of the best games in the series. Yes there are zombies around every darkened corner along with many other frightening monstrosities. You play as young S.T.A.R.S. member, Rebecca Chambers. You may remember her from the original Resident Evil, as Chris Redfield's side character, just like as Barry Burton is Jill Valentine's partner. Rebecca, is the game lead female protagonist.

Early on in the game you get introduced to Billy Coen, an escaped convict who is tried for murdering 23 people. For means of survival you and Billy team up. This introduces a new gameplay mechanic not seen in any Resident Evil up to this game's release. You form a buddy system. With one button press you can switch from Rebecca to Billy for a sort of co-oop gameplay. It works really well, Capcom really fleshed it out to where it is not frustrating but very helpful in certain scenarios. Each character have their own special abilties, whereas Billy is stronger, meaning he can take a lot of beating before he is taken down and he can push objects, unlike Rebecca. She has only one real ability: she can mix herbs. She is also more frail than Billy and cannot take as much damage.

Capcom has also changed another thing as well. You remember those pesky storage chests from the prior Resident Evils. Those are now gone. Capcom has introduced a new mechanic: you can leave an object behind; just lay it on the floor. Although this doesn't fix the problem. Think of yourself carrying an important object and your inventory is full. You happen upon a valuable object and you really need it for further progression through the game. You have to lay down an item and pick it up. You may forget where you put it afterwards. I rather liked the storage chests better than this new mechanic. It seems just too disorganized.

The graphics are simply amazing. For a Gamecube, these are really good graphics. The environments are no longer fixed environments. Wine bottles are seen wobbling on their shelves. Puddles of water are seen rippling. Hedges are seen fluttering in the wind. The first part of the game is set on a train. With the train moving you will see all of this. Character models are nearly worthy of being seen in a CG movie. Later in the game, though, you don't see as much environmental movement as seen when you were onboard the train. The graphics are absolulely top notch.

The sound has also improved. Hearing dragged footsteps of a zombie is so realistic, it will send shiver s up your spine. The moaning is also very frightening, especially when the zombie is off-screen.

The game's story is also good as well. The reason why it is called Resident Evil Zero, is because it takes place before the original Resident Evil. You will see many returning characters, such as, Wesker and William Burkin, along with many new ones such as, James Marcus.

All in all, Resident Evil Zero is a wonderful game that any Gamecube owner should have. The experience is one that you'll remember for a long time.

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