RE4: HD is nothing more than a port from the PC version

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This has been discussed in other threads, I think, but I wanted to make a topic to lead people know what they are in for if they buy it. I bought it because I love this game, but it appears to be a straight port of the PC version -- no new texture or graphical work at all, no new options, nothing. There isn't really anything "HD" about it except that it outputs at 720p. If you want a copy of RE4 on your ps3 and don't care about graphical improvements (which have been present in other HD rereleases) then this is fine, but if you were looking for a better looking version of RE4, this isn't it. Capcom took the laziest possible path to cash in on this game.

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but... but... 12 cheevos = 1000 points! 

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Oh, I got it on PS3 and don't care about achievements. I guess if that's your thing then sure.

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It looks good still. Also, I just have a lot of love for this game and haven't played it for a few years. I may just be imagining it though, but some of the sounds seem really low quality. Mostly in-game dialog from the enemies and the merchant. Everything else sounds fine. Also wish Capcom had thrown in Move support. Regardless, I freaking love this game.

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I got some lighting bugginess in the car sequences in the intro especially on the headrests. The shadows would just dissapear and reappear again randomly. Didn't the PC port have lighting issues that they never patched?

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I think it did, it had a number of issues. Don't get me wrong, though, the game is still worth getting if you want to play RE4 and don't have another copy, its just not an improvement in anyway.

LIke they couldn't even be bothered to use higher resolution textures.

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I noticed the shadow stuff in the car as well. It is a shame that Capcom put virtually no effort into this "HD-remake"

AT least I only paid 5 bucks for it, lolll

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That's a shame, I saw it on Xbox Live and was thinking of picking it up but with the countless threads I have been seeing pop up I think I will just pass. If I could go on with my life with all the remakes of that game before, I think I can do it again.

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Why would they port from a port that was absolutely awful? It's probably a port from the PS2 or maybe even the Wii versions.

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What were you expecting? And it's definitely not a port from the PC.

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@benjaebe said:

Why would they port from a port that was absolutely awful? It's probably a port from the PS2 or maybe even the Wii versions.

The PC version was a port of the PS2 game rather than the superior looking Gamecube game. People had to mod Gamecube textures and such into the game. They seem to go for the platform that is easiest to port from and not care at all about quality.

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@dagas said:

They seem to go for the platform that is easiest to port from and not care at all about quality.

Yeah, that seems about right.


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@benjaebe said:

Why would they port from a port that was absolutely awful? It's probably a port from the PS2 or maybe even the Wii versions.

That would make the most sense for functionality considering people who own Move don't have shit to play.

Really what makes the most sense is making a new version with Move functionality, newly made assets, and the added content from the PS2 version. But that takes time, effort. And why bother for the 5th port of a game I guess.

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Man, that sucks. You continue to disappoint me, Capcom.

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It's the Gamecube version with the PS2 extra content thrown in.

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I wasn't expecting much, guess the MGS and ZoE collections will get the same treatment. Might as well try to emulate them.

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Soooo pre-rendered cut-scenes then ? Well that sucks.

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@Riboflavin: I might be misunderstanding your post, but the GameTrailers review says it's a port of the PS2 version at least. They haven't changed any textures, and the review somewhat bashes the entire port-job (but still praise the game for what it is). I'm still undecided what to do, but will most likely pick up the XB version since I haven't played the game for years (and yeah, the achievements are a big plus for me as well).

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Damnit Capcom why must you megaman everything and then cancel megaman you stupids.

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It's a port of the GC version, not the PC version (which was a bad port of the already inferior PS2 version with simpler and fewer vegetation models on top of the whole lighting issues).

I put together a little comparison picture (notice the fewer and simpler tree models on the PS2 and PC ports; RE4 HD has the models of the original GC version):

#21 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

The fact that Capcom isn't interested in treating one of its most important franchises, or well, used to be at least, with the utmost care and respect just proves they really don't give a shit anymore.

God-fucking-damn it, Capcom.

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Capcom are weird. On one hand they make some fantastic PC versions of their games (DMC4, Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet) but they also do a lot of questionable shit. If this really is the PC port than that's pretty lame, although I think one of the dumbest things they've done this generation is add versus mode to RE5! That was a funny quick look.

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Oh Capcom.... 
is anyone still surprised by their shenanigans?

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@CptBedlam: Great job man. Looks like people like to exaggerate.

#25 Posted by FateOfNever (1863 posts) -

You sound surprised.

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@CptBedlam: Which is which version in those images? I'm curious.

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@Napalm said:

@CptBedlam: Which is which version in those images? I'm curious.

left: HD

right (from top to bottom): GC, PS2, PC.

It's actually written on the pic (click to enlarge) but the quality is not as good because I captured that stuff from youtube vids.

To me it looks a little bit like a mixed thing. The models are from the GC version but the lighting and colors seem to be worse (but not nearly as bad as in the PC version).

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I'll still get it because I love RE4.

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Not to totally defend Capcom, but there's a ton of bad info in this thread, (as well as the factually incorrect Gametrailers review).

It's a port of the GC version with all of the extra content (separate ways, etc...) added in. It's also running natively at 1280 x 720, so they did do some work, and it's not just "upscaled". It's the best version of the game released, period. Yeah, uncompressed movies and added textures would have sweetened the deal, but it's a great version of a great game and well worth $20.

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Maybe I'm in the minority but all this stuff doesn't bother me. I just like being able to play RE4 on my 360 as opposed to digging my Wii out.

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Its a port of the Wii version.

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It could look like the PS2 version and I wouldn't have cared: 1000 points for playing one of the best games of all time over again? Yes please. 
Though using the left stick to aim is difficult to the hang of again.

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It does look better than I originally remember it being when I played the Gamecube version

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@ervonymous said:

I wasn't expecting much, guess the MGS and ZoE collections will get the same treatment. Might as well try to emulate them.

I hope not, I think Konami/Kojima Productions will actually, you know.... try.

Capcom has been lacking a lot lately.

Whatever, I'm just glad I can play RE4 on my PS3.


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So wait, it's actually just Resident Evil 4, but in HD?

Those devious bastards.

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Still looks and plays great on the Gamecube. Unless you don't have the system, why even spend the money to get this version?

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If I recall correctly the GameCube version was the only one that used real time cut scenes (not sure about the Wii never played it), the PC version was a port of the PS2 version and used pre-rendered scenes. I have put 6 hours into this new HD version and it looks nothing like the terrible PC port. This is by far the best looking version of resident evil 4.

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While I own the GC version and my roommate owns the Wii version, I'll still get this just for the resolution and achievements. Don't care about the lack of new textures. Love to get 1000G on one of my favorite games and as a bonus, RE4 will forever be in reach without getting of the couch. Win-win situation.

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@niamahai said:
but... but... 12 cheevos = 1000 points!  ONE. THOUSAND. POINTS!
WAIT.  hold on what difficulty are these chieves?  i'm about to buy this.
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The person who created this thread should be banned from making comparisons in all aspects of life.

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I wasn't going to buy it either since I still own it on GameCube. But I popped it into my Wii today and even in widescreen with progressive scan the game looks disgusting. I'm thinking of buying it now just so I have the game in proper HD.

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@benjaebe said:

Why would they port from a port that was absolutely awful? It's probably a port from the PS2 or maybe even the Wii versions.

PC architecture would likely be far easier to port to modern systems.

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People expected Capcom to put some effort in?

#46 Posted by OneManX (1709 posts) -

@captain_clayman said:

@niamahai said:
but... but... 12 cheevos = 1000 points! ONE. THOUSAND. POINTS!
WAIT. hold on what difficulty are these chieves? i'm about to buy this.

I think it's just beat the game and beat it again on the hardest setting.

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