RE4 Link

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I think it looks awesome.

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OMG, that is so cool

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I just saw this a few minutes ago...pretty cool stuff.

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I personally like this mod better. ;)  (Skip to 0:46)


If I had a gaming PC I think I would buy RE4 just to have get some of these cool mods.
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Never seen that, I should have known there would be a Dante one, and you would be the one to point it out :). It's a shame the PC version is so bad though.  lol, he looks like he's wearing a cheap tranny wig.

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brukaoru said:
"Rofl. XD There's also a Vergil mod and Lady/Nevan mod. Perhaps people will create similar mods for RE5."

Those look cool.

The PC version of 5 will be awesome, It wont be outsourced to that lame developer which made 4, but instead will be made in house at Capcom.

DMC4 on PC, Capcom's last PC game, (in the west anyway -Lost Planet Arena-) had some awesome features including a Turbo mode which sped everything up to awesome effect!. If RE5 has the same thing that would be fucking awesome, along with the better graphics.

It controlled with a 360 pad perfectly.

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The only thing that bugs me is how his cap stands straight like it's a "dunce" hat.

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