Where did all the snakes go?

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So I've started replaying through the HD version since picking it up yesterday at 50% off but all the snakes are gone? I remember when I originally played it through on the GC, every time I would open a box I'd forget to swipe twice incase of snakes and lost health to them, every. single. time.. So I just finished of the village part and then realized not one snake has attacked me..

DId they take it out of the PS2 version did they lose them in the HD version? It was one of the first lesson's I learnt in RE4, don't rush into anything, there's even snake's hidden in the boxes..

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Yeah I noticed a strange lacking of snakes too but I could have sworn I had one leap out of a box once. That could just be the multiple playthroughs blending all together in my head so I'm not entirely sure.

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Where have all the cowboys gone?

Random song reference aside, I just played through on 360 and did not see a difference. I still found snakes, and they still bit me because I am ultra-bad with hitting them with the knife. Knifing bosses? Sure. Snakes? Pain in the ass.

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@Genkkaku There should have been a fair amount of snakes on that part in the village where you're on a bunch of wooden docks over shallow water and there are a bunch of explosive tripwires everywhere. But yeah, snakes are fairly common in both the village and castle, or they should be.
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@BisonHero: I'll have to see when I get up to that bit, but I have been finding empty boxes everywhere so I have to assume those are the snake boxes and it's just a wierd bug maybe..

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It's been a long time, but I think the first time you encounter snakes is when you leave the village and head to the swamp area (past the church you run up the graveyard hill to reach). I don't think there are snakes in the village proper, at least not when you're first there.

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Here are some definitive snake locations I remember, because I remember things like this:

1-3: the shack along the wooden bridge outside the church; one of the boxes has a snake

3-1: right when entering the castle, one of the boxes in a rear corner outside the house with the merchant

4-4: near the very end; one of the barrels on the ground before the elevator leading to the merchant and the boat ride

If none of those are present I don't know what it could be.

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@Bigandtasty: I'll have to keep an eye out I just always remembered hitting my first snake in the stretch before the big village encounter..

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