A question about completing in under 5 hours.

#1 Posted by ChocolateCoffin (221 posts) -

I want to unlock the infinite rocketlauncher. I was wondering how it calibrates the under 5 hours things. Does it need to be in one play through? Can you go and play another level and then come back to where you were in level select (assuming it's my first time doing it on veteran)?
Or is it just if your best times are under 5 hours?

#2 Posted by Pie (7219 posts) -

Its if your best times on every level accumalate to under 5 hours. That means you dont have to do this in one playthrough. Its quite easy to do with something that has infinite ammo

#3 Posted by ChocolateCoffin (221 posts) -

Thanks alot. Yeah, I just got infinite ammo on the Deagle, makes it so much easier.

#4 Posted by boomer__2312 (16 posts) -

you just have to shave time on individual levels until it says five

(some advice, upgrade the first machine gun all the way so you can buy a gatling gun)
#5 Posted by ChocolateCoffin (221 posts) -

woot. 4:12

#6 Posted by Akeldama (4336 posts) -

i just did it on easy mode with all my infinite ammo weapons. Got the infite RPG without even knowing it 

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