Anyone want to play this?

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Hello gents, played RE5 a while back but got the gold edition recently from PS+ so I'm interested in playing mercenaries reunion/DLC in co-op, just curious if anyone else wants to play as well. This game is extremely replayable I find, even having 100%'d the basic game already. PSN: Valgresas

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i'll add you and try playing when i get the time i dunno if i have the merc dlc i have both campaign expansions though

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@darkvare said:

i'll add you and try playing when i get the time i dunno if i have the merc dlc i have both campaign expansions though

The Mercenaries DLC came with the expansion. So long as you've got either of Lost in Nightmares or Desperate Escape, then you'll have the additional Mercenaries Reunion as well. Though the characters are somewhat segregated, as each expansion comes with two and the other four, being more costumes for Chris/Sheva, you have to buy separately... I think.

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This game is extremely replayable I find

I agree, never quite understood the hate for it. It's a great game.

Unfortunately, there are two reasons that I can't play it with you. The first is that I have it on Xbox. The second is that I've beaten it soooooo many times already.

Though I would like to play it on PC...

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I get random friend requests from AC3 multiplayer so would be useful to know what your tag is (or just put giant bomb in the friend request).

For mercs it can be a good idea to watch the first part of a youtube vid just to know the route to get time/herd the zombies into a decent spot. For melee attacks (which add additional time) I know Rebecca's headshot melee is extremely effective as is Excella's ground attack; I don't really care how well we do but generally try not to kill too many zombies at once unless you're in a really terrible spot.

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Mines is such a pain in the ass, Reapers and Dogs. Granted I SS'd it with Josh after taking about 5 tries to just S rank it with Fairy Tale Sheva; but there's always a risk everything gets wiped out by a one hit KO :(

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@believer258 said:

This game is extremely replayable I find

Though I would like to play it on PC...

I got it on PC despite already playing through on 360. I wouldn't mind having an excuse to play it again but on PC when I get the time.

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Hmm... I wonder if it is time to triple dip and buy it on the PS3. It has been a while since I've played it after all.

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@SuperWristBands: It's possible you can still get it for free with PS+, don't quote me on that though.

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...though, I do not own it, nor do I have the time :-(

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@Fredchuckdave: It seems to be $20 at my ebgames which is cheaper than going in for 3 months of PS+... I think. I'll check the 3 month price tomorrow.

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Oh man i played this game so many times through, like 5 times coop

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I played that game to death (100+ hours), 100% of it with a friend in the same room. Honestly, it's one of the best video game memories I have. Fuck the haters, it's a great game. Have fun :)

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@SuperWristBands: It's 18, though again I'm not positive if they still have RE Gold (you can check before you purchase though on the store); you'll get an asston of other free games (Darksiders just went up this week for instance, a game I had peripheral interest in but no intention of purchasing, now I can play it at will)

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