Decided to give this game another try. Anyone for Co-op on PS3?

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As the title says, decided to give this game another shot. Only played it with AI controlled Sheva beforehand...

My PSN name is Knowing_Slinky I'm from the UK, would prefer to play in the evenings. I know this game's pretty "old" now but there's got to be someone on here who fancies another run through it?

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I would! But... I only have it on 360 :(.

Anyway, the game is far better on co-op. If you can't find someone here to play it, seek out a buddy to play it with you. If you don't have a buddy, then offer a hobo twenty bucks to play it with you. I did beat it single player the first time but after co-op I can't think of going back.

EDIT: Also, other sites and forums exist for finding co-op players. If someone here doesn't want to play, and you don't have a buddy, and your hobo quits on you, then look into another forum.

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Yeah, I'm sure the game will be a far more enjoyable experience in co-op. Figured I'd ask here first before I go elsewhere, because Giant Bombers > Everyone else.

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I'd be down to play with you but my time is limited. It only takes 5-7 hours so its not very long. But keep in mind that I would want to go through it fairly quickly because I just want to unlock mercs mode. Its the main reason I play RE5.

I beat it waaaay back on 360 but I've been playing my ps3 more so I need to beat it on there. Wish I saw this earlier hehe

Just pm me or reply and I'll add you. I'm fine with playing in the evenings as well.

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