demo on december 5

#1 Posted by 10MP (314 posts) -

only for japan and only on the 360.

i don't plan on playing the demo for re5 anyway but there you go.

#2 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

Yay for Japan?

I would have said the US and Europe would get the demo closer to the release date, but RE5 is supposed to be a simultaneous worldwide release.  

#3 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I was just about to post this...I can't wait to play the demo (even if I have to created another JPN account). Though I'll just let it be known that this isn't a confirmation of a JPN-only demo, but since it was reported in Famitsu we obviously don't know if the demo will be anywhere else. Sucks for the all the PS3 people out there though...

#4 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

Sadly, I'm not surprised.

So, no PS3 demo?
Sadly, I'm not surprised.
#5 Posted by John (847 posts) -

Hope it's not as short as the l4d demo. Thanks Capcom, your the man!

#6 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -
John said:
"Hope it's not as short as the l4d demo. Thanks Capcom, your the man!"
There was nothing wrong with the length of the L4D demo...
#7 Posted by siLVUR (118 posts) -

Of course...360...Japan...

Then again December feels too early for a demo. People will wear it out before the game's release and probably won't bother getting it.

#8 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

Theres something about this that is really weird and makes me really upset I don't have a 360.

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