Desperate Escape Achievements wont unlock!

#1 Posted by AnimalFather (800 posts) -

They unlock but it wont add to the gamerscore or the RE 5 score. anybody been able to unlock them?

#2 Posted by Moody_yeti (369 posts) -

according to my dashboard i havent got them ,But i got um last night. Its very annoying tbh
#3 Posted by hrpff (11 posts) -

Is there anyone here who hasn't played through it yet?  I think those of us who played it yesterday might be screwed, since the achievements didn't even show up on until today. So now I have the problem of having an achievement unlocked in-game, but locked everywhere else. No way to unlock an achievement you've already gotten, so unless they fix it those precious points will be forever unobtainable. 

#4 Posted by Seroth (728 posts) -

If you recover your gamertag on your console, it'll erase the glitched achievements and you can get them again.

#5 Posted by JJOR64 (19092 posts) -
#6 Edited by Moody_yeti (369 posts) -

recovering my gamertag worked for me cheers :D
#7 Posted by Yummylee (22658 posts) -

NOO! What are games without acheivements!?!
#8 Posted by drowsap (684 posts) -

Yea i had to do the same thing with Magic the gathering the plans walker DLC

#9 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

Nope I got them but I think that was because I got the DLC the day after.

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