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I love RE5 and this is what I'd love to see as DLC.
-a weapon pack that has stuff like the Chicago typewriter, the flamethrower and some outlandish crazy weapons
-more costumes or characters for mercs mode  I don't care if they are just skins because if they let me play as hunk,leon,barry, clare anyone like that it would be awesome
-maybe even some new mercs maps sure why not

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An anatomically realistic Chris Redfield.

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BoG said:
"An anatomically realistic Chris Redfield."
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A Vinny and Jeff Endurance Run style commentary...
You can turn it on while playing to make you feel like they are sitting next to you and watching you play.


Seriously, a Josh-perspective and Jill -perspective campaign would be awesome.

Jill's campaign can start after Chris saved her until she met up with Josh, or even cooler, it starts before that and let players play her when she was brainwashed and use her superhuman power to kill or infect innocent people, and hopefully, this would bring up racial controversy again so media will go nuts and the Internet will explode!  XD

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I dont know about Jill. But I would go for one from Josh's perspective.

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josh one sounds cool but jill? she said she was aware so it would be just u watching her being evil up until she gets rescued THEN u get to sit in a room recooperating from being controlled by the gadget

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