Fail to load at loading screen.

#1 Posted by Lost_In_Gaming (241 posts) -

So this has happened to be about a total of 4 times while played RE 5.  I get to a point where a loading screen occurs.   A little info on the histroy appears and before I can read it I SHOULD be playing again.  Only, I'm not.  I'm still reading the same bit of history and then it changes to a new bit of history and I sit there for 5-10 mins wondering when it will end and decide that it will NEVER end.  Guide button.  Xbox dashboard. Reboot RE 5. Try again.

Explain please?
#2 Posted by HandsomeDead (11854 posts) -

I got this a few times when first playing it. How often does it happen because it happened near enough every other cutscene for me, then I reset my Xbox and it worked fine for a bit, only stopping me every now and again.

#3 Posted by LuckyWanderDude (934 posts) -

I hate it when that happens....

#4 Posted by HandsomeDead (11854 posts) -

The worst thing is, there's some kind of patch to download when you first boot it up and yet this still happens.

#5 Posted by Bioderm (198 posts) -

People say PC has bug problems but when I look at Xbox360 I see it has alot of bugs too

#6 Posted by Lost_In_Gaming (241 posts) -

The last two times that it has happened, I was playing online co-op over LIVE and at the same cutscene both my partner and I would not pass the loading screen.  A real pain.

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