Finally a NEW one

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Good blog, man.
I suck BALLS at Street Fighter, but hey! It's still fun.

P.S. Fuck Guile.

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ya dude the multiplayer for RE5 is totally worth it i played about 5 matches of it and i found it to be highly entertaining

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Dude, gotta play again, something.

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Zone of the Enders is a good game indeed, I have it and the sequel although never finished the 2nd one.  The first game is not that long really if you didn't know but its an enjoyable game nonetheless.

I would like to get all 1000 points in RE 5 since several of my online friends have already done that and kind of feel a little jealous. :P  But my 360 has bit the dust and not getting one until the end of the month.

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Great blog dude, definitely very psyched to see a new one.  More versus mode!!

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I'm glad you and DeVeAn are honest about MadWorld and how it's not worth full price, it sounds fun but I'm going to wait for a price drop. Great blog !!

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Quick reply to see does this stop staying stuck to the top of the list of Newest Topics folks. 

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