Get it or not

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Great game, so yes. Get it.

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will it have trophies?
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Wait for the Gold Edition.

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If you have a friend to play with it is awesome, otherwise unless you're already a fan It wouldn't be the best shooter out there.

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If you like hating stuff, don't buy it.  
I love RE5, but I can TOTALLY understand why some people hate it.

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@EpicSteve said:
" Wait for the Gold Edition. "
Agreed. It's also being released at $49.99.
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I agreed that you should get.

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Yes, definitely got it...its great...absolute fan service no doubt about that. There are also some great easter eggs hidden in there. All well worth the 5.00 dollar purchase price.

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@Qorious said:
" @EpicSteve said:
" Wait for the Gold Edition. "
Agreed. It's also being released at $49.99. "
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I bought it really cheap, and played it co-op. Havent been back to it for a few weeks but we plan to, if only to laugh at the stupidity of the story
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Get it.

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I got the Regular edition today for $20 and im enjoying it so far.
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i quite liked it, and im not the biggest RE fan (i didnt finish 4...i know i know im a bad person)

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I never played RE4 so this game was a very unique experience for me.

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Wait, the gold edition will come out at somepoint  and likely for 40-50 bucks.

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If you find the regular version for like 20 bucks, it's still gonna be cheaper to get that and then spend the 10$ on the dlc.

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As someone who isn't exactly a Resident Evil fan (i.e. I found RE4 painful to play through), I absolutely loved RE5 (I've played through it at least nine times, five times on the 360, four times on the PC). It's definitely a great game even if you don't particularly care for the genre.

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Ive been debating this too, now that its on XBL Games on Demand.

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