Get Versus Mode DLC, Yes/No/Maybe?

#1 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

Hey crew
So I'm getting closer and closer to my 1000 points in Resident Evil 5. However, being the achievement-junkie that I am (and considering I *really* enjoyed RE5), is this DLC worth getting? Entertainment-value, singleplayer-value (as I'm not much of a multiplayer, except co-op with a friend in the same room), and finally achievement-difficulties would be the pointers I'm looking for.
I've heard some quite terrible words about this DLC, and that it's mostly multiplayer-focused (which definatly puts me off). And seeing how few here on Giantbomb who actually have the DLC achievements makes me wonder if I should just skip this S-Rank.
Thank you!

#2 Posted by timay (198 posts) -

I believe it is only multiplayer focused. The stop and shoot mechanic makes multiplayer awkward.

#3 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

I dont know, can you repeat the question.

#4 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

I really think not.  I'd be surprised if people are still playing versus online.  It's competitive MP only.

#5 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

Alright, as I dreaded then. Guess I'll say "no thanks" to that S-Rank then. :(
Thanks for the answers!

#6 Posted by SammydesinasNL (849 posts) -

Not worth it no. I have 1015 points in RE5 but don't see the point in getting more points (har-har). There is a FFO 4-player or 2v2 mercenaries mode called slayers (this is very good). And a DM/TDM mode. in both modes it is possible to attack either other players or majini, which sucks. You won't be able to focus well enough on killing enemies because either you have majini grabbing you or you can't kill majini because you get shot with an M3. All the characters are the same as in mercenaries but have to be bought using points earned in versus/mercenaries/story missions.
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it's 5 dollars. i got it when it came out and while incredibly unbalanced and unfair, it can be a BIT of fun sometimes. don't buy it unless you have some extra money.  
i'm surprised to see people still play it on the PS3. 

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Better off in the long run just to save yah money for, what sounds to be, some actually worthwhile RE5 DLC..
Oh just noticed u posted this 5 days ago, probably came to decision by now =P but ah well, twas my opinion on the matter non the less

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I think most of these people are just talking about it without really having the DLC or even the game. Well I have them both, and to clear things a little bit, you can (with no problems at all) find people playing it online... now as far as the experience.... you already know RE5, since you have it, so you know what to expect. The stop and shoot thing is something that you will get use to it, in addition, its not like the other player can shoot and run at the same time, so nobody has and advantage..... So you can feel like the game is a lot much simple than... lets say gears of wars... but that is not a bad thing, for me if feels like it keeps all the players at the same level... dont get me wrong... if you suck you suck..... but if you are average you will get those that "S" rank in a matter of time. Good luck!! I will be waiting.

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