How good is the PC version?

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This game interests me. I've never played a Resident Evil game in my life, but I did watch a friend play part of one of the GameCube remakes of the originals. Yes, I am aware of the control weirdness. If I were to get this game, I would use my wired 360 controller to play it. 
So... should I get this game? Or might the 360 version be a better choice?

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I assume your talking about resident evil 5, graphically it's unstoppable on the pc. DX10 settings, anti aliasing, it looks better than most of my pc games at higher resolutions. I haven't tried it with a xbox360 controller, it does work though. Aim is good without it. Not sure about online, I don't have a xboxlive silver account yet. Or games for windows live.

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I take it that you're talking about RE5.

The PC version should be pretty good, there's nothing wrong with the 360 version since it also looked good there, but you could benefit from higher resolution on the PC, there's also a benchmark to test how well it runs, it ran as good if not better than Mass effect 2 on my crappy computer. There're color correction mods that make it look a bit more colorful.

I could be wrong but I don't think the DLCs are available for the PC version, that's probably one of the negatives, and you could probably buy the gold edition for the 360, I don't know for sure though =P

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God dammit, I can't believe making a forum thread in a specific game's forum doesn't automatically attach it to said game. Yes, this is for Resident Evil 5. Could some moderator please move it there? :(

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RE5 is very different from the remakes on gamecube (RE1 - RE3). Those had the weird tank controls. RE4 and RE5 are not as bad. RE5 is similar to RE4. it's more action packed, and essentially acts as a third person shooter, except you can't move and shoot at the same time. RE5 is a BEAST on PC. The graphics are so beautiful if you have a gaming PC. Turn up the graphical settings, and let the game shine. Some people dislike RE5 because it's too similar to RE4 and the AI partner wasn't very good. I personally liked it due to it being more action oriented (and of course the graphics). The console versions cannot compare to the PC version's visuals (if you can max it out). If your'e PC cannot handle the graphics on this, just go with the 360 version. I will remind you though, the mouse and keyboard is perfect for this game, since headshots are essential in a 'zombie' game. Also, you can grind out levels over and over to accumulate money, treasure, and ammo to use them for later levels or higher difficulties (which is pretty fun actually). Now if its the old school RE games that you like, then this is not for you. It's not really survival horror, but action shooter.

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the wired 360 controller works fine, like you mentioned. plays just like the 360 version. but gah. i hate using the controller for this game, but thats me.

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RE5 on the PC is pretty good. Graphically, it looks much better than its console counterparts. However, I don't think the DLC has been released on PC, and I'm not sure if it will be.
As for the game itself, I really don't think it's the best RE ever. I still think RE2 tops all, and RE4 definitely beats 5 in my book. RE5 is just way too action oriented, throwing a lot of enemies at you, and some really tough to kill. The thing is, they didn't change anything in the controls to suit that kind of shift in pace. It will be frustrating at some points, whether you're playing with a KB/M or a gamepad, just because of the controls. Oh and Sheva, as much as I like her, is retarded if you're not playing with a human in co-op.
I played Dead Space right after playing RE5, and it was a much much better experience, IMO. So I'd recommend getting that instead if you haven't yet played it.

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The pc version is fine - Xbox 360 controller is fine, however if you do play with mouse and keyboard, there is a mod which makes the mouse look good.
If you want to hunt down all the other resident evil games, they are also found on PC.

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