How many weapons?

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In resident evil 4 there were a good chunk of weapons, how many of you wish a bigger selection in resident evil 5? I know i do!

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Lol JK

Maybe about 15?

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1 - a wrrrrrrrrench

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I'll be happy if they cover all of these guns.

  • Pistol
  • Sub Machine Gun
  • Assault rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Clip Loading Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher
My list is pretty basic but I think the level of weapons is diverse enough.
I suppose a clip loading shotgun behaves like a sub machine gun for the most part but they could be different enough in how they fit in an inventory menu.
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BFG 9000

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i wanna see some sniper guns in this game

it'll be fun to shoot them that way, and i doubt it, but i wanna see a famas in this game!!

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The triumphant return of the grenade launcher, with explosive, acid, and napalm rounds. It is an RE mainstay after all. 

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a big shiny desert eagle and perhaps an assortment of assault rifles and shotguns. Flamethrower would be good.

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Lonewolftom said:
"BFG 9000

bad fucking movie.

anyway, in one of the EGM's or GI's can't remember, it was several months ago though at least.. I saw they said they were going to make sure to add a ton of weapons, some pretty crazy as well, so lets hope they hit their mark... I'll imagine they'll keep the same struction they did in RE4 for the weapons, just include more. I actually hope the "Whaddya buyin" guy returns, he was awesome.
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either dual wielding pistols or a VERY large knife

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Stevokenevo said:
"either dual wielding pistols or a VERY large knife"
Doesn't Chris have a machete on his back? Either way, I hope that there's a variety of each category (maybe more than 1 smg type gun would be nice.... also an auto shotty like a 12 gauge would kick ass) like in RE4.... and yeah a Deagle would be great.... or... like... dual wieldable automatic nail guns........yeah.
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Someone hacked the demo, and this is apparently the full list of weapons:


Beretta M92f
H&K P8
Sig P226
Beretta M93r
Beretta PX4
Samurai Edge


S&W M29
Desert Eagle
S&W M500


Ithaca M37
Benelli M3
"Mad Max"

Sub-machine guns


Assault Rifles

SIG 556
Gatling gun

Sniper Rifles



Flash grenade
Explosive greande
Flame grenade
Grenade launcher
Grenade launcher "I", "S", "N", "L", "H", "F"
Rocket launcher (RPG-7)
Noctovision rocket launcher
Infinity rocket launcher




Satellite laser
Gun emplacement
Jeep machine gun
Jeep grenade launcher
Jeep gatling gun

I you feel like spoiling yourself, there's also a full list of all enemies, NPCs, bosses and playable characters in Mercenaries mode.

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Icemael said:
"I you feel like spoiling yourself, there's also a full list of all enemies, NPCs, bosses and playable characters in Mercenaries mode."
  Mercenaries mode confirmed! Excellent! I loved that mode.
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I loved it too, but the Mercenaries characters in RE5 aren't nearly as good as in RE4.

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Icemael said:
"I loved it too, but the Mercenaries characters in RE5 aren't nearly as good as in RE4."
Well I don't want to be spoiled about who it is, but how many characters are there this time?
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There are only 4 characters in Mercenaries, and two of them are obviously Chris and Sheva. Some guy who claims his brother works in the industry said there was gonna be DLC though(If they release Mercs characters as paid DLC I sure as hell ain't buying. It's like how Namco released the exclusive SW characters in SC4 as DLC).

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Lonewolftom said:
"BFG 9000

Loved the movie
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I don't know how anyone could pay for a character to use in Mercernaries, even if the character came with an exclusive weapon. That's pretty lame. I don't see what other DLC they could release. More weapons to use in the campaign? Blargh. Somehow I think if they do have DLC, they will go way too far with it and have ridiculous things for sale.

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The triumphant return of eggs! RE4's most entertaining weapon!

This reminds me of GTAIV, where you can lock onto others while eating a hot dog, but unfortunately you're unable to throw it at them. Talk about a missed opportunity!

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