IGN's Review of Resident Evil 5 (Video)

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I figured it was going to get this kind of praise, but at least they admit the controls are outdated.

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Just caught this one myself. So...it is GOOD! Yeah, I can sleep at night. I think the length will be fine considering its great replayability, and it just looks well done all around. DAY 1 PURCHASE!

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RHCPfan24 said:
"Just caught this one myself. So...it is GOOD! Yeah, I can sleep at night. I think the length will be fine considering its great replayability, and it just looks well done all around. DAY 1 PURCHASE!"
Agreed.  I hope Gamestop is doing a midnight release for it.
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Cannot wait to play it regardless of these minor issues of ease in default difficulty

Gears "impact" my arse, what is he on about..

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I can honestly say I have no desire to play another "survival horro" game. That entire genre is a product of the 90's, and it's best left in that era. Having another GREAT action game isn't a bad thing at all, especially if you're like me, and think that Gears of War is overrated and nothing special at all.

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Still not very interested. I dont even know why - I loved RE4.

It's just, meh. I wish graphically superior sequels of popular games would just die already.

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Great! I can't wait to see what giantbomb gives it!

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A couple things about this video review I kinda felt a bit off of.

A little nitpick first. (This is not a fanboy opinion, just a realistic observation) Last time I checked Killzone 2 has set the visual fidelity bar above Gears, I don't think it's a pretty absolute opinion to reference Gears 2 as the only by-all-means graphical standpoint especially when some gamers/publications considered MGS4 beating out the game last year. I'm not sure what he means by Resident Evil 5 as being the first game to surpass Gears 2 in this field. This isn't a complaint, just a bit of confusion.

Second: I played the demo a few times and had the same feeling of intensity that the reviewers said this game lacked. In fact, I died a ton of times during the first part, constantly freaked out some baddy would get me. Perhaps the final product differs from the demo? Again, have to wait and see the final product.

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Meowayne said:
"Still not very interested. I dont even know why - I loved RE4. It's just, meh. I wish graphically superior sequels of popular games would just die already."
I'm kind of in the same boat. I loved RE4, but this hasn't drawn me in yet. I think it might be the setting and the new style. I want RE to be scary. Very scary. Sunny Africa doesn't do it for me.

PS: Kind of a boring video review. GiantBomb is spoiling us with their own.
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=/ Did those guys not play RE4? I felt like they were reviewing that game. I'm still a little iffy on this one based on the demo, I really couldn't stand the controls, which were made for the GC controller. Of course, I keep telling myself I need this game, if only because RE4 is brilliant.

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Kohe321 said:
"Great! I can't wait to see what giantbomb gives it!"
I hope a 5.  If they give it a 4 or even a 3, I'm still going to buy it.
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Looks really good but to much like RE4....and I just bought Killzone 2.

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Looks like a fun game. 

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hm...Street Fighter 4 keeps sounding more and more appealing

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I'm hoping that I can feel this way about the retail copy of the game, but I really didn't enjoy the demo and really couldn't stand the A.I. partner. I don't know... they sort of sounded like they played through most of the game in co-op and not solo.

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I knew the game was like this before the review, but IGN just confirmed my fears, Resident Evil 5 is just an action game.  I love the earlier Resident Evil games, especially one and two.  I enjoyed the puzzles, although they weren't the best, and I enjoyed the alone and scared factor.  For me Resident Evil 5 is too action oriented, I'm not saying that it is a bad thing by any means, I'm just saying that because of that fact it has made me a little more uninterested in the game.

I guess in the end there is not a problem with an action Resident Evil, if it had action controls. You can't attempt to make an action game and use the same stand and shoot controls that they have been using.  I think that the game would work a little bit better if they tweaked the controls for action.
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Did IGN not play Resident Evil 4?  Because they describe RE5 completely ignoring 4. 
THey seem like they've never played it

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The controls are outdated...

...if you suck balls.
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Sounds like they had a lot of fun playing it. However, I hope they have not taken out all the scares and replaced it with action because that would be crap. At least RE4 had some scary moments such as the oven guy.

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A solid review, though can't help but feel it doesn't have anything on Dead Space still. 

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still don't know if i will get 5 and this still doesnt help.

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Buying this day one. RE4 was great, probably one of my favorite games of all time.  If RE5 is even half as good as RE4, I'll be extremely satisfied.

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jakob187 said:
"The controls are outdated...
...if you suck balls.
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Nice to see a high score, even though I plan on getting this game regardless.

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I don't know why, I loved RE4 but this game still looks and feels retarded.

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aren't most games just graphically superior versions of their previous installments? i mean thats how its been with games for as long as i can remember. i never understand what people are trying to get at when they say a game is not "next-gen". the game delivers more than what was in the previous game. tweaks to inventory, new set-piece moments, and online co-op. online co-op alone is a step up from what was the norm during the previous console generation.

so i really don't see what makes this game worse for that. its a new resident evil modeled after resident evil 4. sounds friggin great to me!

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