I'm so torn about the Resident Evil DLC

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For those who don't know, it has been announced that there will be DLC for Resident Evil 5, however along with the announcement also announced is that it will cost, this usually wouldn't be a problem, paying for DLC has become the norm, especially in this current generation, however the DLC here is whole multiplayer modes which arguably should be on the disc when you brought the game.

One of the main reasons I think Capcom would charge for multiplayer would be the rise in trade-ins, if someone buys their game 2 hand then, Capcom do not get a penny for it, so I can see this as a way to make money from those who buy the game 2 hand.

The other thing is that you are paying for multiplayer in a Resident Evil game, this would be a completely different story if it was a game like Call of Duty (and I hope to god that this isn’t giving Activision any ideas) if you take the multiplayer out of a Call of Duty then you are left with a 8-10 hour single player campaign of a first person shooter which lets be honest they never have the best of campaigns, I’m not saying that the single player in Call of Duty games is bad, it’s just not up there with the best single player games and is definitely not worth a full price game, the main reason I buy and play Call of Duty games is for the multiplayer. But take the multiplayer away from a Resident Evil game, then you are left with a Resident Evil game, and that’s not a bad thing at all, in fact Resident Evil 4 is one of my favourite games of all time.

Despite all the points I made above I still can’t help but feel that this should be included on the disc, however as the trade-in business becomes even bigger then I can see more publishers going down this route or a route similar to this. Also I think that had Capcom announced this a couple of weeks later after release, instead of the same week as release, this would not have been a big of a problem. Also if you are paying full price for a new game then look online, gameplay.co.uk had it for £30  add the 400 ms points £3.40 and you are still paying less than you would for a normal full price game, and I’m sure it’s the same in America, that there are online store that won’t charge the full $60.

Ultimately I am unsure about whether I am going to buy it yet, I want to play though the game first and see more coverage of the multiplayer modes. But do think people need to take in to account this is a Resident Evil game and not just another bog standard FPS.

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