Is Resident evil 5 (PC) compatible with any other gamepads?

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I have the Logitech dual action gamepad. Would that work for resident evil 5 right off the bat?
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I have the Dual Action gamepad, and I believe it works. I play RE5 with mouse/keyboard myself, but I have noticed that the game does on the fly transition between the two. If I randomly click my gamepad as I as i play with keyboard/mouse, all the ingame tooltip button changes from a key icon (Say image of your F key when you face a door) to the colored gamepad button circles (I don't own any of the consoles so can't say which they come from, if any)
So I know it detects the controller without any setup whatsoever, but I have never tried to play with it other than testing if I could aim and move, and I could. I don't know how the button mappings are, but I assume it is customizable anyway.

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most new games seem to, especailly games for windows

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If not, try this. It substitutes joypad input for keyboard/mouse input so you can get pretty much any game working with a pad using it as long as Windows detects the pad. It can be a pain to set up though.

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@unclejohnny79 said:
" most new games seem to, especailly games for windows "
I believe it is the opposite. Any pc game that is not made for GWFL that has controller support will in most cases have out of the box support for any random controller you insert, as long as your Windows OS got the drivers if needed.
If you have a GFWL game that supports controllers some will work out of the box, and some games will only work with a XBOX360 controller (which there are dedicated xbox360controller emulators for).
But Resident Evil 5 does not require an XBOX 360 controller, so my guess is that if the controller is detected it will work. And as I said above, the Steam version of RE5 does detect my Logitech Dual Action out of the box.
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Yes it does. In the launcher there is a window where you can configure the controls for your gamepad. It can support any generic joystick or gamepad or whatever assuming drivers are installed correctly etc.
For other games that only support the xbox 360 controller you can use the Xbox 360 controller emulator. (which makes the game think that your gamepad is a 360 gamepad)

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Ok thanks for all the responses!

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